His Monster

    Character » His Monster appears in 49 issues.

    A demon cast out of hell for his kindly and gentle personality.

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    In the original Fox and The Crow comics Stanley Monster was hiding in a sewer after being run out of Loch Ness, attacked by knights in England for being a dragon, and chased out of Tibet for being mistaken for an Abdominal Snowman. This is where Stanley found him while looking for his baseball. Stanley was not afraid of the monster and wanted to take him home as a pet. The monster agreed, being that sewers are no place to live. At home Stanley sneaks the monster into his bedroom and later gets his father, Mr. Dover to allow the monster to stay.

    Use to be a co-star in humorous stories.

    The evil Stanley Dover Sr. attempted to switch bodies with him but was thwarted by Batman and Team Arrow. He was then devoured by the monster who became the friend and protector of Dover's young grandson after wiping the memories from the young boy's mind.


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