Hiro Nakamura

    Character » Hiro Nakamura appears in 11 issues.

    Hiro discovered that he can manipulate the time/space continum. Hiro set out to "save the cheerleader, save the world." His abilities have taken him to all parts of the world meeting new friends and making new enemies.

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    Season 1

    Hiro was an office worker at his father's company, Yamagato Industries, in Japan, until one day he accidentally teleported to the future. Here he saw that on November fifth, a bomb would blow up New York. He then returned back to October second. He with his friend Ando traveled to the United States.

    Yatta! Hiro after he traveled to the future in New York...
    Yatta! Hiro after he traveled to the future in New York...

    There they went to Las Vegas following Hiro's comic from the future created by the precognitive Isaac Mendez. After being beat up for cheating and dumped near a desert diner in the outskirts of Las Vegas, a fight ensues, and Ando and Hiro split ways. Hiro meets "flying man" Nathan Petrelli at the diner. Nathan gives him a ride back to Las Vegas, in a car. This entire time Hiro tries to warn "Mr. Issac" that in five weeks he will be dead, as seen when he went to the future. One call, Peter Petrelli picks up and tells Hiro the message, "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World."

    Reunited, Ando and Hiro go to the Burnt Toast Diner to wait for further instructions from Peter. Here Hiro meets Charlie who is killed by Sylar. To save her, Hiro goes back in time, but all for naught. Returning to the present, Hiro thinking his quest to save the cheerleader has failed meets Issac. Issac paints Hiro battling a dinosaur, so Hiro vows to get the sword. Taking the painting as collateral, Hiro travels to trade the Linderman group, an avid collector of Issac's paintings for the sword. Hiro's father attempts to stop Hiro, ripping the painting, but is soon persuaded to let Hiro go about his quest. Hiro reaches the sword and trying to escape teleports to the future, where he is captured by Future Matt Parkman.

    Future Hiro, Ando, and Future Peter save Hiro at the cost of Future Hiro's life. Hiro and Ando return to the Present and confront Sylar. Sylar breaks the sword and Hiro and Ando get it repaired. While Hiro trained with his Dad, Ando assuming Hiro would give up his quest, tries to confront Sylar again. Hiro saves Ando and returns him to Yamagato industries. Hiro then proceeds to confront Sylar at Kirby plaza stabing Sylar in the chest. Sylar flings Hiro at a building as a last effort and Hiro teleports finding himself in Kyoto, Japan in the year 1671.

    Season 2

    Hiro is in Kyoto, Japan in the year 1671. He sees the occurance of an eclipse and then is faced by arrows raining down upon him and another man under a symbol on a flag that matches Takezo Kensei's sword. Hiro freezes time to save his hero from an untimely fate only to discover that it was a replacement sent there by the real Takezo Kensai, an englishman dressed as a samurai who had planned on using the decoy as a distraction to snipe his enemies from a tree with a crossbow. Yaeko, the one foretold to be Kensai's princess, is a swordsmith's daughter that repeals her father's payment of his sword. She then goes off to face the bandits herself. Wanting to fix the mistake of altering the past, Hiro donnes his heroe's armor and confronts the bandits in an effort to save Yaeko. Hiro then chases off the bandits by using his powers to collect all their weapons in the blink of an eye. Hiro had saved Yaeko and Kensai's reputation, and had sparked Yaeko's love for Kensei.

    Hiro then returns to Kensei and sways him to be the Hero the ledgends had been written about. However, as the two leave Kensei is shot with arrows and killed. When Hiro removes the arromws Kensei shows his unknown ability to heal and regenerates to life. Hiro decided to test Kensei to see if he had truely become the hero of ledgend and forces him to fight 90 ronin to retrieve the "fire scroll". Succeeding, Kensei decides to become the hero that Hiro sees him to be. To this, Hiro decides to leave but falling in love with Yaeko himself and the desire to make sure the timeline is secured, makes Hiro stay.

    The Trio of Kensei, Hiro, and Yaeko travel to the dreaded White Beard's camp to save Yaeko's father. However, once Yaeko is save Hiro, weakened by his love, Admits to loving Yaeko and the two kiss much to the pain of the secretly onlooking Kensei. Kensei grows angry and joins White Beard and captures Hiro, Yaeko, and her father.

    Hiro, captured in White Beard's camp and drugged on opium to prevent him from using his powers, is freed by Yaeko who had freed herself from her own bindings. Hiro is able to focus long enough to free Yaeko and her father. That night Hiro goes preform the next to last trial of Kensei, to save all of Japan, destroying White Beard's guns. Hiro goes to light the gunpowder cache, but is stopped by Kensei. During the battle Hiro tries to persuade Kensei to change ways and be the hero he was supposed to be. However, Kensei vows that as long as he lives he will destroy everything he holds dear. During the battle, a lamp is knocked over and before it explodes Hiro teleports away.

    Hiro returns to Yaeko. Hiro is upset and tells the end of Kensei's story to her. She then tells Hiro that as long as she lives she'll tell the story of the real Takezo Kensei, Hiro. So,, like Kensei, Hiro "cuts out his heart", and returns to his time.

    Back in his own time, Hiro discovers his father has been killed. Hiro attempts to save his father but is persuaded that he cannot play god with his powers and must let his father die. Hiro, however, uses his ability to discover his father's murderer, only to discover that it was Kensei.

    Hiro begins his quest to stop Kensei. Discovering Kensei's real name, Adam Monroe, Hiro travels back to 1977, where he sees his father imprison Adam for almost releasing a deadly virus. Hiro learns that this virus will be contained in the Primatech facility in Odessa, Texas. Hiro goes to the facility via teleportation and stops time. He searches for Adam only to find Peter Petrelli. Hiro explains to Peter why he is here and what Adam plans to do, but Peter is blinded by the fact that Adam healed his brother after Peter exploded. The two battle but Hiro is knocked out.

    Hiro is awoken and joined by Nathan Petrelli and Matt Parkman who are also trying to stop the releasment of the virus. Hiro teleports to Adam and Hiro tells him that he should not of let him live long ago. Grabbing Adam's arm the two disappear. Hiro puts his once hero, Adam Monroe in a casket and buries it in a Japanese graveyard.Hiro later tells Ando that Adam will not hurt anyone ever again.

    Season 3

    In season 3, Hiro owns 50% of Yamagato Industries and he tells Ando that he is not interested in money and he wants adventure. Hiro claims that it's not his destiny to be in the company. Shortly after that conversation, the family lawyer gives Hiro a document, inside it was a tape and it told Hiro to play it. Hiro plays it and in the tape was his father, Kaito Nakamura. Kaito tells Hiro that there is a family secret insde a safe and Kaito told Hiro to keep it in the safe and never take it out. Kaito tells Hiro that it is his destiny. After watching the tape, Hiro is not happy, he says that he doesn't want to be a sentinel and protect the secret. Hiro then finds a button and it opens up the safe, Hiro thinks that whatever's in that safe, it's his and Ando's destiny.

    Inside the safe was a note saying "Press play". When Hiro pressed play, Kaito was on it and was angry at Hiro. He then tells him that inside that safe is a very important formula and that if it falls into the wrong hands, it could destroy the world. Kaito tells Hiro to do whatever it takes to protect it. Just when Hiro takes the formula out, a super fast thing whooshes its way and takes the formula. Hiro quickly stops time but the person was so fast that she could even move when Hiro stops time. She knocks Hiro out and runs off at super-speed. Later that night, Hiro teleports into the future to see what happens if he doesn't get the formula back, in the future he sees Ando killing the future him with some sort of red electricity ability. After seeing that the whole world splits up, after seeing that future, Hiro is detemined to get the formula back. Hiro then hires private detectives to trace down the theif, the theif was revealed to be Daphne Millbrook. Hiro and Ando teleports to her apartment in Paris and they find a lot of stolen goods but not the formula. Hiro reveals to Ando what he saw in the future and Hiro starts to get a bit paranoid around Ando. Hiro comes up with a plan to get the formula back but it failed. Hiro reveals to Ando that he has put a tracking device on Daphne, Ando asks why didnt he tell him and Hiro tells him that he doesn't trust him. Ando then starts to get a bit annoyed.

    The tracking device tells Hiro and Ando that Daphne is in Berlin, Hiro finds Daphne and asks her why she's here, she tells Hiro that the other half of the formula will be exchanged and she's waiting to intercept. Hiro tells her that the world would end if he doesn't have the formula back but Daphne tells him that she's only doing it for the money. Daphne tries to run but she couldn't run at superspeed, Hiro then tries to teleport but he couldn't do it as well. Hiro then recognises the Haitian and he realises that his abilities' blocked by him. Hiro then tries to get the formula without his ability but fails, Daphne grabs the other half and he and Ando gets captured by the Company.

    Angela then tells Hiro that he has the key to stop the person manipulating them. Hiro and Ando then digs up Adam Monroe believing that he knows who is manipulating them but they shortly loses Adam when he gets captured by the Pinehearst company. Hiro thinks that he needs to be a "Badass" and he joins the Pinehearst company. Knox tells Hiro to kill Ando to proof he's a badass and he uses a fake sword and fake blood to do that. Both Daphne and Knox believes that Hiro has killed Ando and Knox lets him join Pinehearst. Hiro was given his first assignment by Daphne, the assignment was to recruit a future painting man in Africa. Daphne warns him to be careful and Hiro ignores the warnings. Hiro goes to Africa and searches for "Mr. Africa Issac" Hiro tries using his powers but he fails both times. When Hiro doesn't use his powers the future painting bushman tells him that it was all a test and that he is ready to take him to the villains he seeks.

    Ando persuades Hiro to go back in time so that he knows how to stop the villains but Hiro refuses fearing that he might create another villain like Adam Monroe. Usutu then tells Hiro that he must choose his own path or have it chosen for him. Usutu then gives Hiro some paste telling him that it is a ancient family recipe. Hiro eats it and shortly afterwards, his eyes turn white and he falls unconcious but his white eyes was kept open. While Hiro was unconcious, he see's into the past and finds out what Arthur Petrelli had done in the past and that he was still alive, he also finds out that one of the villians, Flint, is related to Claires biological mom Meredith. Hiro wakes up and wants to warn the Petrelli's and Meredith but before he can he hears a scream, him and Ando search and find out that Usutu's been decapitated, suddenly Arthur apears and grabs Hiro's head and Hiro starts screaming. Ando tries to attack Arthur but is telekineticly thrown aside, Arthur then gets distracted by a painting of an eclipse and takes his hands off Hiro to look at it. While he's distracted Arthur tells Hiro to teleport, although Hiro doesn't understand he eventually teleport when he see's Arthur coming back. They end up in a bowling alley in Tokyo, Hiro gets happy because they serve waffles, after talking to Hiro, Ando finds out that Arthur erased Hiro's memory and now Hiro's believes he's 10. Ando tries to convince Hiro that he's an adult and has superpowers, at first he's skeptical but Hiro soon believes after he starts using his powers to prank people. After Hiro gets the hang of his powers Ando tells him they need to teleport somewhere to help his memory, Hiro then teleports to a comic book store, which he calls the source of all knowledge. After looking through a couple of marvel books and be shocked at some of marvels current events, Hiro see's a issue of 9th Wonder with him on the cover, Hiro see's the comic which, shows Hiro and Ando reading that comic, Hiro is still skeptical but Ando convinces him. They then go to the end of the comic to see what happens, but all thats there is the eclipes that says "it coming".

    Hiro and Ando then travel to Matt's apartment according to 9th Wonders, there, they find Daphne and Ando tells Matt that she can't be trusted, later, Daphne feels guilty and runs back to her old home. Ando then tells Matt that Hiro has lost his memory and needs him to help him regain it. Hiro then continues to behave like a 10 year old and Matt tells him that he is also looking for Hiro, Matt tells him all about the catalyst and what Arthur has been doing and Matt tells them that they can't save the world without Daphne so Hiro teleports Ando and Matt to a corn field and just when they teleported there, the eclipse started to form and Hiro and Matt loses their abilities. Matt tries to get into Daphne's house but couldn't without his ability. After the failure, they return to the corn field and tries to figure out what's happening. Hiro then starts throwing corn at Matt and tells him not to rely to much on his ability and trust in himself . Hiro and Ando then leaves Matt to continue persuade Daphne. Hiro and Ando continue to find out what to do but they realized that they reached the end of the comic. Hiro and Ando travels to a comic book store and asks for the newest issue of 9th Wonders.

    Upon entering the comic shop, Hiro is met by two ninth wonders fans, the comic shop owners. Hiro begins to flip through comics but when told that "this isys all the ninth wonders and begins reading of his adventures. After an unknown amount of time, Hiro runs to another room claiming he never wants to grow up. On investigation this revelation is from reading everything he has done in the past few seasons, such as stabbing Sylar, attacking Adam Monroe, and his fathers death. The shop owner after a very Hiro-like speech of ones responsibilities and such, Hiro leaves the room. This is when the other store owner brings up the fact that Hiro and Claire have only been in one panel together, Kirby Plaza, but that "doesn't count because they shared no dialogue." However the second employee points out he found Claire and Hiro watching in the background as Hiro's father gives Noah Claire. Deducing that doing this would restore Hiro's memory, Hiro goes to Claire.

    Hiro arrives just in time as Sylar is about to kill Noah in the Bennet house. He then teleports Sylar away as he calls him "bad man". THis is then followed by Hiro reappearing and making Elle disappear. Once this is done, He once agian appears and says "Save the Cheerleader..." and teleports through space and time with Claire. In the past Claire and Hio watch as Claire is given to Mr. Bennet. When Mr. Bennet leaves Claire follows while Hiro watches his mom. His mom he discovers has the ability to heal and when he is alone he goes to her and laments that he has lost his memory and that he needs to be healed. His mother does so and Hiro has a moment with his mother. He then asks for a "light" that was mentioned between his mother and father earlier which must be the catalyst. After giving Hiro the catalyst, his mother promptly dies. That night Hiro meets Claire and he tells her that he has gained the catalyist and they can go. Before they get to though, Arthur Petrelli appears and takes Hiro's power and the catalyst and tosses him off the building. He teleports Claire to the future telling her that she should tell Angela she loses. Arthur then returns to the future himself. A yell is heard then and it is Hiro, hanging from a flagpole calling for help. In the present during this Daphne, Matt, and Ando recover Issac Mendez's sketchbook telling of the last ninth wonders tale. In it it tells of Hiro's venture into the past and his perdicament of being stranded in time. It is decided among the group that if the catalyst worked, a new time traveler could appear to help Hiro and Ando claims that it should be him.

    Two months later, Hiro tries to get Ando to embrace a life as a super hero. He is quickly captured by the American government and becomes a fugitive. After seeing a precognitive painting made by Matt, Hiro and Ando travel to India , where Hiro learns that he does not need powers to be a hero. The two friends are contacted by Rebel , who gives them the mission to save Matt Parkman. Hiro and Ando soon discover that the Matt they have to save is in fact Matt Parkman Jr. , the infant child of Matt Parkman Sr. During an attack from the government, baby Matt partially restores Hiro's powers.

    Hiro and Ando rescue the baby from being captured by agents and begin a cross country journey to return him to his father. After doing so, Hiro and Ando team up to bring down Building 26 . Before doing so, the friends discover that stopping time has several ill effects on Hiro's health. The two of them try to overcome this and manage to free all of the prisoners within the building. Working together, they capture all of the agents and successfully sedate Danko . While at the funeral of "Sylar" , Hiro confesses to Ando that he is not ok and needs help with his powers.

    After the fall of Building 26, Hiro and Ando are searching for guidance. They go to Claire and meet Rachel Mills . Together, Hiro, Ando and Rachel help Claire save Alethea Throm and Magdalena Muller , making Hiro discover that helping people with his powers is his new path.

    Season 4

    Hiro and Ando , having returned to Japan , are now running a special Dial a Hero phone service. Hiro claims that the idea will work and Ando finds a photo of a younger Hiro, Ando and Kimiko at a carnival . Hiro remembers the night but the two of them are interrupted by Kimiko, who is furious about how much money is being wasted on Dial a Hero. Hiro tells her not to worry and she leaves angrily. Ando then comments that maybe Kimiko is right but the phone rings and they receive their first call for help. During the mission, Ando falls from a roof and Hiro stops time to save him. After returning time to normal, Hiro is suddenly frozen in time himself. Ando takes him back to Yamagato and Hiro returns to normal, saying that he is dying. He then accidentally time travels back to the night of the carnival.

    Meanwhile, Samuel is seeking a replacement space-time manipulator for his traveling circus troupe and uses his ability to discover and track down Hiro. Arnold then transports Samuel fourteen years into the past at the same Carnival a young Hiro, Ando, and sister are attending.

    Hiro meets Samuel who reveals that he is quite interested in Hiro's ability , while Hiro is very fearful of altering the past due to butterfly effects and the previous catastrophes he believes are a direct result of his actions. Samuel convinces Hiro that the unique ability to right his past wrongs can be done without disrupting the space-time continuum by throwing a ball at a stacked milk jug unevenly without the stack falling.

    Hiro then begins his mission of fixing his past and the lives of his loved ones by preventing the catalyst of his sister's dislike of Ando. Upon returning to the present, he discovers that they are in love and have been dating for years, despite his incomplete control over his restored time travel ability.

    Hiro speaks with Kimiko , who tells him that she and Ando are getting married and that she would like him to give her away. Hiro says that he will and goes to speak with Ando, who is worried that Hiro may not be alive to attend the wedding. Hiro tells him that he will be fine and there is a call on the Dial a Hero line. A man named Tadahasi tells Hiro that he is going to jump from the Yamagato building and Hiro rushes to the roof. He recognises Tadashi, who tells him that he was fired for inappropriate behaviour at the New Years Eve party. The man jumps before Hiro can save him.

    Hiro time-travels back a few minutes and rushes to save Tadashi. Tadashi once again jumps and Hiro once again goes back to try and save him. After 46 failed attempts at saving Tadashi, Hiro tries a different approach and sits down and talks with him. He tells Tadashi that he should find a different job if he is unhappy and Tadashi thanks him. Hiro then speaks with Kimiko and tells her the truth about his condition. Kimiko hugs him and as Ando enters the room, Hiro is gripped by one of his migranes and then disappears having teleported away.

    Hiro's unexpected Teleportation from Yamagato takes him to Peter Petrelli 's appartment. Though both are surprised to see each other Hiro is excited to see Peter, until he suddenly passes out and Peter catches him.

    Hiro awakens and finds himself in a hospital bed. Peter tells him that he is dying and Hiro tells him that he already knows, and that he believes he teleported to Peter to help with something. Peter tells him that he is going to help Hiro and replicated his ability. Soon after, Hiro receives a visit from Emma , who asks him how they can live with their powers. Hiro tells her that those with abilities must answer their call to destiny but Emma refuses to do that. Hiro finds her in her office and she tells him about her ability to see sound and Hiro explains about his ability. Emma claims that she wants her power gone but Hiro insists that she cannot do that and that she must embrace her powers.

    Hiro performs in a talent show, acting as the "Amazing Hiro". He spots Emma and calls her his assistant and touches her shoulder, freezing time. He explains that their abilities make them special and that there are no bad powers. Emma realizes the beauty of her ability and helps Hiro with his act. Hiro returns to bed and Emma tells him that he must not use his power anymore, or else he will die. Hiro tells Emma about Charlie and then realizes that she is not on his list. He puts her down and Emma tells him to rest. Hiro soon hears Emma's music and goes to investigate. He listens happily and Emma spots him. She escorts him back to his room but before he gets there he suddenly teleports away.

    Hiro appears in Texas , three years ago. He turns to look in the window and smiles, saying "Charlie".

    Hiro accidentally teleports back to the day of Charlie's death and steals clothes from a nearby clothes line as all he's wearing is his hospital gown. After explaining his mission to a boy who catches him, Hiro and Petey head for the Burnt Toast Dinner where Petey gives Hiro his white sheriff's hat, saying "good guys wear white hats, bad guys wear black hats", right before Sylar shows up wearing a black hat. Hiro protects Petey, but Sylar simply asks him to move out of the way so he can enter the diner, which Hiro does.

    In the diner, Hiro hides behind a newspaper and observes Sylar's interaction with Charlie. He watches Sylar decets Charlie's blood clot and claim he can fix it. Hiro is interrupted in his watching by Samuel , who warns him that changing things here could drastically alter the future as this is such a pivotal moment for many people. He asks Hiro if saving Charlie is absolutely worth it, and Hiro says that this is the biggest butterfly he has to squash. Hiro, realizing what's about to happen, freezes time and stops Sylar from killing Charlie. Hiro wheels Sylar out to a bus to Odessa on a dolly and traps him in a bus compartment before returning to the diner. At the diner, Hiro realizes that he isn't in Charlie's birthday photo and remembering what Samuel said, heads into the bathroom where he encounters his past self. Hiro introduces himself as Future Hiro and tells his past self that Charlie is dead and his mission now is to "save the waitress" and that the cheerleader will be fine. Hiro convinces his past self who teleports six months into the past and Hiro calls him a moron. Hiro is back in the photo of Charlie's birthday party and after being reminded by Samuel, Hiro tells Past Ando what Past Hiro has done and convinces him to stay and wait for Past Hiro at the diner.

    Hiro then visits Charlie who remembers him and is glad to see him. Hiro offers to take her on the world trip she wanted and she agrees and decides to go to Otsu, but her blood clot starts to turn into a fatal anyuerism that will shortly kill her. Hiro, not wanting this and remembering what Sylar said about being able to fix it, travels to the Odessa Bus Station via motor scooter as he still can't control his teleportation. There he finds Sylar missing and is pinned to a bus by him, but Hiro escapes by stopping time, which releases Sylar's hold on him. Hiro tries to make a deal with Sylar: save Charlie in exchange for information about Sylar's personal future, but Sylar keeps trying to get him with telekinesis. Hiro keeps stopping time and moving around, but it takes a toll on him and he develops a headache each time he does it. Sylar detects Hiro's brain tumor and is finally interested enough to agree to the deal and Hiro takes him back to the diner.

    At the diner, Sylar uses his telekinesis to get rid of the blood clot while Hiro comforts Charlie. It works and the dissolved blood clot leaks out of Charlie's eye, saving her. Hiro keeps his end of the deal and tells Sylar that he becomes a killer with a lot of powers that a bunch of people teamed up to stop and he dies alone and that no one will miss him. Hiro then stops time and returns Sylar via motor scooter to the place where he made the deal with him.

    Hiro returns to the diner, but Charlie is horrified about the deal he made with Sylar and the fact that he saved her out of the many people Sylar killed, but did nothing about them. Hiro tells her that it's because he loves her, but she says it's she had made peace with dying, calls him selfish, just runs off, and Hiro has to send a curious Past Ando back into the diner. Later, Hiro orders a root beer and converses with Noah Bennet about how complicated love is before Noah leaves and Charlie returns. Charlie and Hiro reconcile, but when Hiro follows Charlie outside, he finds her gone and Samuel Sullivan waiting for him. Samuel reveals he had Arnold take her forward in time to his carnival and if Hiro wants to see her again he has to take control of his power and teleport them back there. In anger, Hiro grabs Samuel and manages to teleport them both back to the present carnival.

    At the carnival Samuel is happy as Hiro teleporting them back on purpose means that Hiro is regaining control over his power. Hiro demands to know where Charlie is, but Samuel says she's not exactly there and after seeing the carnies and Samuel look at a specific trailer, Hiro goes there, finding Charlie's name tag outside it. Inside he finds a dead Arnold, but no Charlie. Samuel explains that he had Arnold trap Charlie somewhere in time in order to gain a hold over Hiro and as the strain of doing that killed Arnold (he was dying of a brain tumor too), only Samuel knows where she is and he'll only tell Hiro if Hiro helps him fix his own mistakes. Hiro reluctantly agrees and Samuel tells him the first thing they need to fix is a mistake he made eight weeks before.

    Hiro eventually went back in time and saved Mohinder's life but inprisoned him into an asylum for eight weeks so he can be safe there while he gives back Samuel the tape he requested.

    After Samuel Sullivan put his hand on it, had arranged the thanksgiving dinner where he confessed that Edgar was the one who killed Joseph Sullivan(which is not true) and turned on him along with the whole carnival.Before Samuel could kill Edgar, Hiro froze time and saved Edgar telling him that they will both have revenge on day.After Edgar sped away Hiro calmed Lydia that Edgar is safe.

    Later that night, Samuel had Damien use his power to make Hiro renember things but due his brain tumor, Hiro teleported back to Japan and had a very strange reaction.First he taught he's in the Star Wars movies and used an axe as a lightsaber to save a woman who was being robbed.

    After the police arrested him, they brought to Ando where they figured out that the 'danger room' Hiro was talking about was infact Hiro's 'sacred' place where he was keping his comic book collection.Hiro than claimed that they must go to Arkham Asylum to save someone from the stormtroopers.Ando did a quick research and realised that the asylum Hiro was talking about is in Florida at a street called Arkham and the patient they have to save is actually Mohinder Suresh himself.

    Hiro was sent to the madhouse but it was a disguise so they can free Mohinder Suresh.Hiro and Ando escaped the facility and went hiding into the forest where Ando used his ability of red lightning to 'fix' Hiro and they teleported away just before the guards could have found them,but unfourtinatly they teleported to Noah Bennet's apartament.

    Hiro eventually passed out due his brain tumor which got worse than ever and entered a hallucination where he saw Adam Monroe the prosecutor,Ando Masahashi his lawyer and his father, Kaito Nakamura as the judge. His was at a court in the Burnt Toast Dinner.

    Adam acussed Hiro for using his power of bending space and time for his own personal gain.The first witnesses were a young Kimiko and Ando who confessed that a man stood up and let his suit get runed by the slushy at the carnival fourteen years ago.Adam realised that 'the man' was present-day Hiro himself so with this he changed the course of history and allowed Ando and Kimiko to fell in love.

    The second witness was Sylar who told Adam that he made a deal with Hiro.If Sylar saved Charlie Andrews than he can kill whoever he want's.Kaito found Hiro guilty and the crime would be punishable by death.

    Hiro entered a hallway where in the end was a big light.He told his father that if this is the end he want's to go out with pride and for that he had to face Adam Monroe himself. Adam and Hiro sword dueled and Hiro eventually won.After the duel Hiro's mother appeard and with her ability cured Hiro.

    Hiro woke up in the hospital where he reunited with his friend Ando.


    Hiro discovers he has the ability to actually affect the space-time continuum, slowing time down to such a point it seems as if it is stopped with sheer power of will. The first noted occurrence is when Hiro supposedly made a subway train late using this power. This is especially notable because a Japanese train being late at all is an extremely unlikely event. Later, he theorizes that he may soon be able to teleport by bending the space part of the continuum. Although this isn't seen, he does seem to teleport from the seating area of a Karaoke bar to a ladies' bathroom on a dare (said in jest) by Ando. While he is on a train he stares at a poster of New York, accidentally teleporting himself to Times Square. However, at the same time he unintentionally moves five weeks into the future. Later, when an explosion threatens his life, he is able to teleport back to Japan, landing at the exact time and place of his original departure.

    Although being able to teleport and time travel great lengths at once, Hiro apparently had little control over how much time elapses when he teleports. This shows that, without further honing of his powers, he may not be able to teleport great distances without also traveling in time. He has also frozen time relative to himself. He was able to keep time frozen long enough to fold one thousand paper cranes. (Six Months Ago)

    Hiro's rules of time travel haven't yet been explicitly defined. Whether he changes time just by traveling, or whether it's more of a ripple effect is not known. It should be noted that it appears Hiro's time-traveling powers may not supersede the principles of the self-consistency theory. This essentially states that a time traveler cannot alter history in such a way that he would cause a paradox to occur; rather, the events would self-correct. However, it seems Hiro's powers are controlled by "fate", as not only were his powers disabled at one point, but he traveled in both time and space against his will. This appears to be contradictory to Future Hiro's statement that he risked creating a "rift", as well as his existence being proof that he is trying to prevent the catastrophe. Hiro's ability was stolen by Arthur Petrelli in 1991, who had time traveled back from 2007 using the same power gained by his son. Arthur died after his return to 2007; leaving present-day Hiro trapped in the past before he was rescued by Ando and Daphne.

    Hiro has regained his ability thanks to Matt Parkman Jr.'s ability. He used his restored time-stopping abilities to escape Danko's team as they were trying to capture him, Ando and the baby. During the escape, he tried to use the teleportation aspect of his ability, but could not. He later stated that he could not time travel. Hiro had also demonstrated that using his ability too much caused some kind of adverse effect. He had a terrible headache and his nose began to bleed after stopping time at least four times in less than five hours. Hiro also discovered the ability to keep others "unfrozen" with him by touching them as he freezes time. (I Am Sylar). Mohinder Suresh, after examining Hiro, said he thought that Hiro's body was rejecting his ability like a virus, and further use of it could be extremely dangerous. Hiro was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was causing him to die. He has since demonstrated the time travel and teleportation aspects of his ability accidentally (Orientation). He did not possess control over these restored parts of his ability, using them just on reflex (Orientation, Jump, Push, Fall). Hiro said that destiny is doing this and that time and space are now the master of him (Tabula Rasa). In addition to headaches and nosebleeds, Hiro also sometimes remained frozen in time while the rest of the world stays unfrozen. He also saw the past in this condition once, and then traveled there accidentally (Orientation).

    After a lot of effort, Hiro was able to time travel and teleport at will, but couldn't control it completely. He was able to teleport to the carnival with Samuel in anger, but later needed a couple of tries to get back to the right time to save Mohinder: the first time he tried he landed ten minutes too late but got it right the second time. He also seemed to have displayed at will teleportation as he trapped Mohinder in a mental hospital in Florida (Once Upon a Time in Texas, Brother's Keeper). After having his brain scrambled by Damian, Hiro was incapable of willfully using his powers. Once his mind was fixed by Ando, Hiro was instantly able to teleport at will with no apparent problems, taking Ando and Mohinder Suresh with him to Noah Bennet's apartment. This was also the first time since regaining his ability that he has taken more than one person with him. (Close to You) After Hiro's brain tumor was removed, he regained full control over his powers and tested it out by rewinding time for himself by ten seconds. He is later able to teleport himself and Ando to the Carnival in Central Park with no problems or health issues. At the Carnival, Hiro is able to teleport all of the carnies an unknown distance despite there being dozens of them by having everyone hold hands with each other and Ando supercharging him at the same time, giving Hiro the boost he needed to teleport that many people. (Brave New World)


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