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Hippolyta Profile
Hippolyta Profile

Hippolyta is the mythical figure of ancient Greek and Roman myth. A fierce and fearsome Amazonian warrior, her fighting abilities are of legendary nature. She is the daughter of the Ares, the Olympian god of war and Amazon Queen Otrera, a daughter of Zeus. Hippolyta created the Amazons and Princess Artume is her daughter. Hippolyta and her sisters Antiope, Penthesiliea, Melanippe and Hiera would become infamous for their ruthless campaigns and attacks in battle. They were not one to shy away from bloodshed or carnage, killing innocent men when required and abducting female children to join their ranks. Originally Hippolyta's sister Lysippe inherited the crown and position of their mother, the Queen of Amazons however Lysippe would fall in combat. Thus Hippolyta would reign as the Queen of the Amazons in ancient Greece. Around these times, some three thousand years ago, the demi god Hercules would be tasked with Twelve labors one which would include stealing Hippolyta's Golden Girdle. During this task Hippolyta and the lion of Olympus would romance a short but passionate relationship. It would end with manipulations on Hera's part, Hera inciting the Amazons into anger towards Hercules chasing the god of strength from their shores, believing he was there to murder Hippolyta. Some time later Hippolyta would also lead the Amazons into the battle of Troy following Ares lead.


Hippolyta is a Greek mythological figure

Marvel's version of Hippolyta was adapted by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, first appearing in Thor #127 in April 1966.


Fearless Defenders
Fearless Defenders

Marvels Hippolyta has not had the same level of significance or prestige as her DC counterpart, appearing as a supporting character in a few stories, usually centering around either the mighty Thor or Hercules. In more recent times, the character is experiencing a revival of sorts appearing in the title Fearless Defenders. Writer Cullen Bunn discussing her inclusion in the title "Hippolyta made the most sense and brought the most to the group. the fact that no one expected her means she was perfect for this kind of team! All you'll need to know to follow the character from the beginning will be revealed. Hippolyta has been around for a long time (in mythology and at Marvel) and this version of the character... especially this version... is pretty different from any other interpretation." on the characters revitalization. Also expressing "I've approached it as a new approach to this character, " Bunn said. "We've played with the power set and we're playing with her in a different way. That is Hippolyta." with the character also experiencing a new visual dynamic "Pyle spoke briefly on the design for Hippolyta, which she worked on with Phil Jimenez. "He wanted to use a lot of the Greek imagery," she said. "We wanted to update her look a little bit… Phil has a background in fashion, so he wanted to bring a bit of that modern aesthetic to her look."

Major Story Arcs

Ancient Times

In flashback, it is revealed that Hippolyta received Hercules with Jason and the Argonauts at Themiscyra when Hercules was seeking Hippolyta's enchanted girdle as part of his 9th labor. Hera tricked the Amazons into thinking that the men were there to kill Hippolyta and in the ensuing chaos many Amazons ended up killed or abducted. Hippolyta's sister Antiope disguises herself as Hippolyta and is abducted, later giving birth to Hippolytus.

Modern Era

In the modern era, Pluto persuaded Hippolyta to pose as a movie actress while he masqueraded as a director and together they tricked Hercules into signing a 'movie' contract that in reality imprisoned him in Hades. Hippolyta really loved Hercules and revealed her identity to him. Thor came to the rescue and wrecked Hades, forcing Pluto to release him. Hippolyta later reappears as the leader of a street gang called the Bacchae, choosing female runaways to join with her. She breaks into the Fantastic Four's building and abducts Caledonia to Hades, but the FF rescue their friend.

Love and War

Ares is occupying himself in a New York diner, overhearing a conservation of mortals talking about his popular brother Hercules. The annoyance of their awe of Hercules grating him he decides to leave. Hippolyta would appear quite suddenly and offer to join her fathers meal. Ares would act with impatient with his daughter alluding to her past romance with Hercules. Artume, Hippolyta's daughter would in the mean time form a dangerous new aggressive band of Amazon warriors to make war on their enemies. Hippolyta would eventually be killed by her daughter, Artume when the Amazons captured an Atlantean base after the fall of Olympus. When Hercules arrived at the base he saw her head stuck on a spiked spear, and later found her gambling for a return to life in the Underworld realm of Erebus.

Fearless Defenders

After Valkyrie tasked with finding a new host of Valkyrior fails to assemble the Shield Maidens, specifically Earth heroes, it foretells the reappearance of the Doom Maidens. Valkyrie would justify her lack of activity and selection of woman suitable for the tasks of a Valkyrie, but the All Mothers, Gaea, Idunn and Freyja would chastise her explaining to her, Misty Knight and Dr Annabelle Riggs of the Doom Maidens and how they could manifest with the void created by the lack of Valkyrior. Hela would appear before the All Mothers and Valykrie, as the actions of the Doom Maidens would invariably affect her as well. Hippolyta would accompany her as well, Hela's own chosen Warrior Woman, Hippolyta.

Powers and Abilities

Hippolyta possesses superhuman levels of strength, stamina, durability, and combatant skills than any other Olympian goddess (with the possible exception of Athena). Physically, Hippolyta is stronger than the average Olympian god or goddess, as she is capable of lifting 50 tons (the Gauntlers of Ares, further amplified her physical strength in combat, enabling her to lift nearly 100 tons). Ares trained Hippolyta and she proved to be an effective leader and strategist in her own right as well. Hippolyta is mentioned as one of the previous bearers of the Amulet Pazuzu. She formerly owned the Gauntlets of Ares, which multiplies the strength of the wearer. She also owned the Girdle Of Hippolyta, also called The Golden Belt of Hippolyta, which has purportedly also has mystical powers.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blonde

Other Media


Marvel: War of Heroes

Marvel: War of Heroes
Marvel: War of Heroes

Hippolyta appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

  • [Warbird of Ares] Hippolyta

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