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    Armored intelligent kangaroo fighting to protect the planet

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     When an injured red kangaroo was brought to the Multicorp agency, the kangaroo was slated to become part of a rehabilitation project that would not only heal the kangaroo but give him human level intelligence. He was named Hiphop and given a suit of armor to enhance his natural abilities, and was made a part of the Brute Force environmental protection team.  Hiphop is the only member of the team that is a herbivore, that and his surfer-dude mentality often puts him at odds with the rest of the team. Despite his love of music and partying he is the teams most accurate marksman and a skilled fighter with natural kick-boxing skills


    Natural Animal Abilities: Being a kangaroo gives Hiphop incredible leaping ability, keen hearing, enhanced stamina, and claws.
    Armor: His armor boosts Hiphop's natural abilities, and gives him sonic weaponry and a compressed air pistol. His armor can convert into a transport mode for rapid travel. His transport mode is an ATV.

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