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Hinoto accepted very early to become a Yumemi in order to help her country. She lost four of her five senses to receive in return the gift to see future in dreams. She kept only her sight. Her sister Kanoe was upset to see her sacrifice and decided to leave her. Hinoto became quickly the yumemi of Japanese politicians and was installed underneath the Diet Building.

Years passed and three came at her service: Hien, Sohi and Daisuke Saiki. When Hinoto learnt about the “Jour de la Promesse”, she decided to gather the Seven Seals together. Arashi Kishu was the first seal to join her. But by her wish to be good, she split her spirit in two; she created a dark Hinoto. The more Hinoto tried to be good, the more the dark Hinoto gained partially the control of Hinoto’s body.



When Hinoto sees in a dream the return of Kamui Shiro, she sends Daisuke and Arashi to have an eye on him and to be sure he is the real Kamui. But the dark doesn’t want the victory of the seven seals. So the dark Hinoto launches shiki in order to kill Kamui. They take the shape of men in black and attack Kamui. He succeeds easily to beat them all. Kamui arrives at Clamp School when Hinoto decides by security to launch also a vision spell on him. Kamui feels he is observed and destroys the vision spell launched by Hinoto. She is sure that this Kamui is the same Kamui that the one in is vision.

Hinoto waits the return of Arashi and Daisuke. Arashi moves instantly herself and Daisuke to Diet Building. Hien and Sohi, Hinoto’s servants, dash at Daisuke. Hinoto asks Arashi if she believes it is the real Kamui. Arashi confirms whereas Daisuke thinks the opposite. Hien and Sohi are offended that Daisuke doesn’t believe in Hinoto’s visions. Hinoto stops quickly this conversation asking Hien and Sohi to take care of Daisuke. Hinoto remembers her vision of the end of the world and asks Arashi to protect Kamui, the only person who can change his destiny. Arashi retires in order to let Hinoto does her job of clairvoyant.



Hinoto decides to have a talk with Kamui. She brings him in a dream. Firstly, she shows him his past: how he was happy with his mother and the Monos, how he discovers Saya Mono dismembered for him and his mother and how his mother died. Finally she shows him a vision where Kotori Mono was savagely dismembered. Kamui interrogates Hinoto why she showed him that. She explains it a memory of his past and a memory of a possible future. Kamui argues to not threaten Fuma Mono and Kotori; then he hurts Hinoto and achieves this dream. Hien and Sohi, dash at a wounded Hinoto. She comforts them; she is ok.

Hinoto has another vision. She sees a Sacred Sword in an egg and then she sees a second sacred sword in a mirror. To her great surprise, she sees two Kamui. Each Kamui takes a sword. One takes his sword in his left hand and angel wings grow. The other one takes his sword in his right hand and devil wings grow. They begin a fight and it is at this moment that Hinoto wakes up. Hien and Sohi are worried when they see their mistress’s face. Hinoto reassures them and asks to let Arashi notice of the theft of the sacred sword. Arashi learns from a telepathic conversation with Hinoto that the sacred sword was stolen by one of the Seven Angels and a seals from Koya Mount is with Kamui. Hinoto requires her to protect Kamui. The dark Hinoto takes once again the control temporarily and sends shiki to attack Arashi. Arashi arrives at Togakushi Shrine and she meets a curious man wearing glasses. She feels something but not hostility. For security, Arashi creates a kekkai; but the man wearing glasses is still there. Arashi uses her saber to fight them whereas the man wearing glasses uses wind attacks. After the destruction of shiki, the man introduces himself as one of the Dragons of Heaven.

Allies and Enemies


Hinoto learns that Arashi will bring Kamui and Sorata Arisugawa to her place. When Kamui sees that the yumemi princess is Hinoto, the one who showed him Kotori’s death, he becomes completely mad and tries to attack her. Sorata stops him whereas Hinoto apologizes herself and begs him to listen to her. She thanks Sorata to have protected Kamui. Moreover she tells that she is happy to meet one of the seven seals. Sorata responds that he is also glad to meet her because the hoshimi really appreciates her. She explains that due to their common destiny: to see the future. Sorata does a joke on Hinoto’s age and then he pushes Kamui to talk to Hinoto.

Hinoto brings him in one of her vision: a ravaged Tokyo full of corpses. She shows him that this future is due to the destruction of the kekkai of Tokyo by the fight between the dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth. She explains that the dragons of Earth try to destroy the Earth whereas the dragons of Heaven try to save it. She tells Kamui that it is his duty to save the Earth because he is the one who has the destiny of the Earth in his hands. Hinoto reveals that Kamui means “the one who takes the place of gods’ authority”.

This is at this time that Kanoe enters in their conversation. She explains that Kamui could means also “the one who chase gods’ authority”. She reveals also that Kamui has the choice to become a dragon of Heaven or a dragon of Earth. Kamui has two destinies. Kanoe tries to show him the other future; but Hinoto uses her powers to chase her from her vision.

Kamui wakes up. Hinoto begs him to save the Earth and become one of the seven seals. Kamui asks her to explain why she didn’t tell him that he has two destinies. He moves closer and closer to her. Hien and Sohi intervene to protect their mistress. Kamui drives away them and takes Hinoto by her neck. He asks her who killed his mother. She responds she committed suicide. That is at this moment that a wind attack hurts him. It was launched by Daisuke. He argues he cannot believe that he is the real Kamui. Kamui begins to prepare an attack when an inugami, a wolf spirit, does his entrance. Hien and Sohi are amazed because nobody, even an inugami could enter there without permission. Hinoto explains the inugami is linked to one of the seven seals and she requires Hien and Sohi to bring the dragon of Heaven there.

The inugami’s owner arrives. She’s a fourteen-year-old teenage who introduces herself as Yuzuriha Nekoi from Mitsumine Shrine. She apologizes to send Inuki, his inugami; but she didn’t find the way to get down. Hinoto apologises her. She asks everyone to introduce themselves. They do it, except Kamui. It is Sorata who introduces Kamui. Yuzuriha teases Kamui. Kamui decides to leave. He says he isn’t concerned by the “jour de la promesse”. Daisuke upset provokes Kamui. They begin a fight when everyone falls in an illusion created by one of the seven angels. Arashi uses her saber, Sorata his electric powers and Yuzuriha transforms Inuki into a sword. Kamui, upset by this loss of time, uses his telekinetic powers to destroy this illusion. This mirage breaks into cherry tree petals. Hinoto concludes that the illusion was created by the sakurazukamori.

This event gives way to a massive earthquake meaning the destruction of a kekkai in Tokyo. Hinoto explains that this destruction is one of the signs of the destruction of Tokyo. She confirms that Kamui has two destinies. He can choose between the dragons of Earth and the dragons of Heaven. If Kamui becomes one of the seven angels, the vision of a deserted Tokyo full of corpses would come true. Hinoto begs Kamui to become a seal and with the help of the other dragons of Heaven to save the Earth. Kamui, exasperated, leave the Diet Building distressing Hinoto. Sorata reassures her telling her that Kamui has still something to protect.



Kotori has a vision. Hinoto sees it too. Kotori and fragments fall under the Sea of Tears. She sees one of the fragments and discovers that fragments are parts of the Earth. Seven persons with huge cloak do their appearance. One of them reveals to be Kamui; but he has angel wings. She falls into his arms; but she sees in his reflect, another Kamui with devil wings who tries to save her. It is too late. The Kamui with angel wings pushes Kotori into the water. Kotori finds herself fixed on a cross. She sees another Kotori fixed too; but she is dismembered. The crosses disappear and Kotori falls on the Earth. She prefers to destroy herself instead of the Earth. Kotori and Hinoto wake up. Hinoto knows the destiny of Kotori: she will die for the Earth.

Hinoto and Kanoe discuss in Hinoto’s dream. Kanoe says that is the sakurazukamori who destroyed the Nakano Sunplaza. She explains there are two Kamui. At this moment, the vision of Kakyo comes through Hinoto’s dream. They think it is due to a yumemi, a dragon.

Kanoe shows Hinoto Kotori’s vision she had where she dies for the Earth. Kanoe and Hinoto continue their conversation. Kanoe confirms that if Kamui has two destinies, there is only one future: the death of Kotori.

Hinoto and Kanoe have a vision where a Kamui with angel wings kills a Kamui with devil wings. When the second Kamui wakes up and kills Kotori, Hinoto is afflicted. Kakyo enters in contact with Hinoto. He tells her he knows she sees what happened before it was realized. Moreover he reveals he knows she lies to others in order to realize her wish.

Kanoe has another conversation with her sister. She scoffs at Hinoto saying that the second Kamui is awake and there is only one future.

Hinoto has a conversation with Kakyo. He reveals he knows that Hinoto brought together the dragon of Heaven in order to modify the future for her own interest. He shows him the last vision of Kotori.



Hien, Sohi and Daisuke are worried about their mistress’s health when Kamui arrives. Hinoto brings him to a dream. Kamui asks her why his mother is dead. Hinoto shows the past. Toru Shiro requires Saya to leave Togakushi Shrine in order to save her life. Saya refuses saying she is ready to die for Toru. Kyogo, his husband, reveals he knows that Saya doesn’t love him, but she loves Toru. Kyogo accepts to protect the sacred sword for Kamui. Fuma is present. He dares at his mother’s head and leaks her blood. In present time, Hinoto reveals that Kotori’s destiny was foreordained: she would be dead even if Kamui chooses to be an angel. Hinoto reveals also that Toru was the kagenie of the Earth. Her death is due to global warming. It is at this moment that Kakyo Kuzuki appears. He shows him the two possible futures: the rebirth of the Earth in case of the victory of the Dragons of Earth or the death of the Earth due to global warming in case of the victory of the Dragons of Heaven.

The dark Hinoto takes more and more the control and stops Hinoto to reveal her dreams. Daisuke is worried about Hinoto, but he is also happy that she hadn’t have visions about the “jour de la promesse” since a long time. Then when she sees what will happen to Subaru she could says nothing. Hinoto communicates by telepathy with Kamui. She apologizes to do not see what happened to Subaru Sumeragi. She explains it is due to Kakyo. He excuses her. Kamui arrives at the Diet Building. Hinoto tells him the person he saved is Tomoharu Tojyo, the president of Tojyo Pharmaceutical. She orders Daisuke to bring Kamui at Tomoharu’s bedside. Kamui has an ultimate interrogation: how to create a kekkai. She responds only a dragon of Heaven knows the answer.

Dark Side


Kakyo remembers Hinoto how Daisuke is dead. Fuma attacked Daisuke. Hinoto tried to protect him. Fuma decided to eliminate both. Daisuke sacrificed himself in order to protect his mistress. Kakyo tells her once again, she could not change the future. Kamui wants to apologize to Hinoto. He falls in a dream where he meets Hinoto. She doesn’t want Kamui’s apologize because she thinks she’s the only responsible of Daisuke’s death. Hinoto has a crisis and her behaviour changes suddenly. Kamui tells him about the conversation he had with Kakyo. She responds she doesn’t know what it means and disappears.

Hinoto has another vision of the “jour de la promesse”. The dark Hinoto does her appearance and tells her she is wrong to believe she could change the future. Even her wishes to not reveal her visions are foreordained. Moreover she says she will take her place soon.

Hinoto sees this scene in her dream. The dark Hinoto tries to convince her to let her place in order to not suffer anymore. But Hinoto has still the force to refuse this proposition. Nevertheless she knows, due to the affliction of Daisuke’s death, the next time she sees her, the dark Hinoto will take her place.

And what will happen happens. The dark Hinoto takes the complete control of Hinoto’s body. Kanoe tries to enter into her sister’s dream; but she cannot do anymore. The dark Hinoto doesn’t want to be discovered.



Yuzuriha, Kamui, Arashi and Sorata go to the Diet Building to see Hinoto. Yuzuriha tries to introduce Inuki; but the inugami barks at her. Yuzuriha, Sorata and Arashi don’t understand whereas Kamui thinks it confirms there is something wrong with Hinoto. The dark Hinoto reveals a fake target: Yasukuni Temple. They go there. Hinoto is happy to see her plan realized. Subaru arrives at the Diet Building at her request. She tells him that the next target is the Rainbow Bridge. Subaru decides to go alone at the great pleasure of Hinoto.

The dark Hinoto is amused by the situation whereas the real Hinoto asks Kakyo to stop the other Hinoto. Kakyo responds it is impossible because the destiny is foreordained. Subaru kills Seichiro Sakurazuka and stops to be a seal anymore. The dark Hinoto sees the departure of Subaru and prepares the next plan to destroy another dragon of Heaven.

Dark Hinoto is happy to see her yumemi coming true. The real Hinoto tries to stop her; but dark Hinoto is too strong. The real Hinoto calls her sister for help. Kanoe hears it, but thinks it is an illusion.

When the dark Hinoto sees that the seals will split in group of two persons, she is happy. She learns also that Yuzuriha and Arashi will be attack. So she sends a shiki to stop Sorata and Kamui prepared to go to help them. A huge phoenix appears in front of Kamui and Sorata. The phoenix transforms into Hinoto. She tells them to stay in order to protect Ginza. She reveals that Ginza will be attacked soon. Then she disappears and shows this spell is a shiki.

Seiichiro and Karen Kasumi go to the Diet Building. The true Hinoto still tries unsuccessfully to stop the dark Hinoto. Karen and Seiichiro arrive. She tells them that the next target is Ginza. They decide to go alone at the great joy of the dark Hinoto.

Whereas the dark Hinoto sends a shiki in order to confirm the death of Karen and Seiichiro, the true Hinoto discusses with Kakyo. He doesn’t understand why the dark Hinoto doesn’t find the goho sent by Sorata. Hinoto responds that the two Hinoto are linked. As the true Hinoto is hurt in her heart, the dark Hinoto is also hurt in her heart. That is why she doesn’t find the goho. Kakyo advises her to be careful if she wants to not die. She answers she wants first that the seals know the truth about the dark Hinoto. Kakyo reminds her that will be difficult because the future is realizing. The only way is that Kamui finds the most cherished wish of Fuma if he wants to change the future.



When Arashi gives her virginity to Sorata, she loses her capacity to be a seal. She decides to see Hinoto. The dark Hinoto uses a massive spell to imprison Arashi in a dimension where she will be transformed into an angel.

Kakyo talks about the last events with the real Hinoto.

The dark Hinoto, observed by the goho, wants to begin the “jour de la promesse”.

Hinoto tries once again to call help from her sister. This time, Kanoe hears it and goes to Hinoto’s dream. But the dark Hinoto feels it and goes inside this dream. She reveals she is existed to Kanoe. So she must eliminate her. She uses her powers to kill Kanoe and sends a vision to seals where Fuma kills Kanoe.

The dark Hinoto thinks everything is going fine. But she doesn’t see the presence of the goho. Sorata appears at the Diet Building and reveals he knows everything about the dark Hinoto. He wants she brings back Arashi. The dark Hinoto, upset by that disturbance, succeeds to convince Hien and Sohi that she is attacked by Sorata. She gives the order to attack Sorata.

Powers and Abilities


Third Eye

With her third eye, Hinoto can see the future, see people’s dreams, bring people into a dream, show them a vision and see everyone everywhere.


Hinoto can communicate by telepathy with everyone.


Hinoto can create shiki which can transform into animals or persons.


Hinoto cannot grow old.


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