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    Captain Hina is a Navy commander who ate the Cage-Cage Devil Fruit. She become a Rear-Admiral after the timeskip.

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    Captain Hina was in the Marine Academy with Smoker, but while she was a model student, he was a trouble-maker. She, however, had a crush on him and always bailed him out. This fostered a friendship which the pair still have today. Hina is first seen patrolling Arabasta for any suspicious activity.  When Commodore Smoker makes the arrest of the Shichibukai Crocodile, she is seen consoling him for the World Government giving the credit elsewhere. She is last seen rounding up the other members of Baroque Works. She is also the object of Fullbody and Jango's affection.
    Hina has eaten the Ori Ori no Mi, which gave her the power to allow any person to pass through her, while at the same time binding them with iron bars. 
    She sometimes speaks in third person, and doesn't like any romantic advances made upon her.


    Hina is an attractive marine officer, most of her men under her are attracted to her because of her looks.
    She has pink hair, dark brown eyes and always has lipstick. She wears a purple colored suit with a white blouse underneath, but lately she has been seen without the blouse underneath which leaves part of her cleavage exposed. She sometimes wears a marine coat over her shoulders along with dark brown boots and a pair of gloves.

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