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Umaru has gotten pretty close to Sylphynford in her gamer-girl disguise, but now she finds her friend has a startling secret! The surprises don’t stop there: Kanau appears at Taihei and Umaru’s apartment, and then it’s time for parent-teacher conferences—and a rare sighting of the girls’ mothers!

Chapter Titles

  • No. 162: Umaru & Guests
  • No. 163: Umaru & Kanau
  • No. 164: Umaru & Summer Memories
  • No. 165: Umaru & the Walk
  • No. 166: Umaru & School Conferences: Part 1
  • No. 167: Umaru & School Conferences: Part 2
  • No. 168: Umaru & the Educational Show
  • No. 169: Umaru & the Smartphone Game
  • No. 170: Oniichan & Little Sister Talk
  • No. 171: Umaru & the Keepsake
  • No. 172: Umaru & Marathon Training
  • No. 173: Umaru & Marathon Day
  • No. 174: Umaru & the Question
  • No. 175: Umaru & the RPG
  • No. 176: Umaru & the Playground
  • No. 177: Umaru & Odd Jobs
  • No. 178: Umaru & the Drive
  • No. 179: Umaru & the Sick Day
  • No. 180: Umaru & Santa Claus

Note: The digital edition (7/14/2020) for this volume was released before the print edition.



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Story Arcs

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