Character » Himon appears in 55 issues.

    He was a citizen of New Genesis and the inventor of many technologies of the New Gods.

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    Himon is the master scientific theoretician and visionary among the New Gods who is rivaled as a brilliant technologist only by his ally Metron. It was Himon who invented the compter-like device known as the Mother Box and linked it with the enigmatic cosmic intelligence known as the Source. Himon also discoverd the X-element, and together with Metron, used it to invent a "Boom Tube", a means of swift interdimensional travel. The Boom Tube, and its successor the Star Gate, is employed by the hierarchy of Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips, while the Mother Box is used by the inhabitants of New Genesis.

    Himon suffered from Guilt for having fostered Darkseid's powers through the discovery of the X-element, the invention of the Boom Tube and through other scientific achievements of his. Therefore, Himon resolved to help bring about the end of Darkseid's power. He secretly trained various residents of Apokolips in the peaceful ways of New Genesis. Thus Himon encouraged his pupils to think about freedom of thought and action, both of which Darkseid refused to tolerate in his totalitarian society. Hence, Darkseid had his soldiers constantly hunting for Himon. Yet Himon used his miraculous scientific deices to escape seemingly certain death at his enemies' hands over and over again. Many times Darkseid's minnions destroyed androids believeing they were the real Himon.

    Scott Free, an aero-trooper in Darkseid's Elite, sought out Himon, who encouraged him to seek freedom from Darkseid's rule and ideology. Scott finally decided to flee Apokolips and Himon and Metron provided him with a Boom Tube to reach Earth where he became Mister Miracle.

    Himon's daughter Bekka fell in love with the warrior Orion, and soon married him.

    Himon was killed by Infinity-Man who was acting as the agent of the Source. The Infinty-Man then disguised himself as Himon in order to move around and slay the New Gods without being detected. His ruse was discovered when Superman saw the real Himon in the Source Wall and realised that he was already dead.


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