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    Hilde is a young Asgardian girl whom lives among other Gods in Asgardia. She is the daughter of Volstagg and Gudrun and has a spirit for adventures. She is also known as Gunnhild or Hildy.

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    Hildy is one of Volstag's children. Her personality is best described as boisterous and spirited. She is friendly and bold, and a leader among other children, usually instigating their adventures. In most of her appearances she is seen fighting with her brothers and beating them in any fights that occur, though she is much smaller than they. She prefers leggings and tunics to dresses and skirts.


    Hilde was createde by Walter Simonson and first appeared in Thor Volume 1 issue 350 (1984).

    Major Story Arcs

    Crush on Hogun

    She is close to her father, and of all the Warriors Three, she is particularly close to Hogun the Grim, and is often shown having a crush on him. Hogun is close to her as well, often surprising her with little gifts such as a baseball cap from his adventures in New York. Like many of the children in Asgard, she is also close to Thor.

    Journey into Mystery

    Going on adventure
    Going on adventure

    In recent years, Hilde has played a larger role when she started going on adventures on her own within the real of Asgardia. This brought her into contact with Sif and even got her in a fight against the mighty Fenris wolf.

    Hildy and several of her siblings encountered Hrimhari the Wolf Prince, Tabitha Smith of Earth and the alien Warlock. Members of the Earth based New Mutants team. The children were convinced of the tale of danger the trio spun, that Hela was on the march with her terrible armies. Hildy led an effort that ultimately gained the weakened Asgard enough allies, including the full New Mutants team. The forces of Hela were routed.

    Powers and Abilities

    Asgardians possess the standard physical attributes of an Asgardian; Male superhuman strength enabling him to lift at least 30 tons Asgardian, Females 25 tons, superhuman speed far superior to that of the finest human athlete, stamina enabling them to perform at their absolute peak for at least 24 hours before even starting to tire, superhuman reflexes greater than a human's, superhuman durability that allows them to withstand powerful impact forces, extreme temperatures and pressures, falls from great heights, energy blasts and high caliber bullets without sustaining injury, and finally, Asgardian agility is also superhuman. Asgardians also possess a regenerative healing factor, being capable of healing from injuries such as slashes and puncture wounds in a matter of hours, and mending broken bone within the day. They can't however, regenerate missing limbs or organs without magical assistance. The Gods of Asgard are also granted certain mystical abilities that in the past have shown to get them the power to change their appearance, transform matter and wield a numerous amount of different energies. Though many Asgardian Gods/Goddess' have not shown the ability to wield any type of energy or shown any mystic abilities these powers are inherent to all of their race. Like standard conventional Asgardian gods

    Other Media


    Thor: The Dark World (2013)

    Hilde appears (unnamed) as one of Volstagg's children during a celebration in Asgard. She is portrayed by Abbie McCann.


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