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    Hijack (David Bond) is a new mutant that appeared in Atlanta. He has the power to control machines, and was recruited by Magik and the Stepford Cuckoos, who saved him from two armed police men.

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    David Bond's powers manifested in Atlanta when his girlfriend of six months broke up with him via text message and later came to his doorstep to retrieve her belongings. Distraught while she drove off he unconsciously commanded her car to reverse and come back to him despite her several attempts to leave. The two of them later on went to a full parking lot to test his new abilities, with him switching them on and making every car honk.

    When two cops came onto the scene, David's ex-girlfriend outed him as a mutant that caused instant hostility from the policemen. When David forced their police car to drive away they opened fire and shot him just in time for the Cuckoo sisters and Magik from the Xavier School to rescue him away to their facilities. Waking up to his wounds healed by Triage, David became Hijack and joined the Uncanny X Men.


    David Bond was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Frazer Irving and debuted in Uncanny X-Men Vol.3 issue 6 (2013).

    Major Story Arcs

    The Mutant Revolution

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    Initially being a much older student than his peers, Hijack took on a naturally adopted role of taking charge. Cyclops would then leave them in the newly terraformed areas of the planet (in the wake of the Avengers actions) and while many of the students believed it was a training exercise, David did not heed Scott's warnings and used his phone to try and contact help, drawing the attention of Avengers and SHIELD forces who did not even know of their existence until that moment. Using his powers he turned their weapons against them and held them back long enough for the team to be retrieved by Cyclops and Magik. Ultimately his actions came back to bite him, as Cyclops expelled him from the school for disobeying his orders and had Magik teleport him back to his house.

    Ultimately David would return, aiding the X-Men in a critical moment with his powers, and earning his place on the team once more.

    End of the Revolution

    After Cyclops had disbanded the New Xavier School, the students, rather than joining the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, band together to form an unaffiliated team of super heroes. In their first outting the team once again faced off against one of their first threats, a young mutant named Animax. In an outburst against her abusive father Animax had psychically summoned an army of monsters to terrorize a highschool where he worked as a football coach. As the team arrived in a jet controlled by Hijack, the mutants quickly set out to stop her. With Morph (Deeds)talking her down and the Stepford Cuckoos holding back her assault, Goldballs used his ability to knock her out. All of this was captured via cellphone camera and blew up overnight as the mutants quickly became famous. Fabio was called by his parents who proudly spoke about their son on live TV, but the fame didn't stop there. From talk-shows to magazine covers, the team became more loved with every villain they fought, which ranged to even the likes of defeating Klaw.

    It wasn't until the world learned from Fabio's parents that he was a mutant, that things would quickly change. After defeating yet another villain, Goldballs expected praise from the onlooking crowd only for a glass bottle to be thrown at the young hero, leaving shards of broken glass stuck in his neck. While the Cuckoos drove off their attackers psychically, Triage and Morph went on to help heal Fabio's near fatal injury before they fled. Learning the hard way that despite their good intentions that their mutant gene would still be hated, Hijack brought them to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, knowing that they would have a lot to learn still about being accepted.

    Gun-for-Hire versus Ironheart

    Although Hijack still has some close ties to the X-Men, he became a 'weapon-for-hire of some sorts. He was recently hired by the direction of Stark Enterprises in order to bring back the Iron-Man suit that was re-desinged and worn by Riri Williams, also known as the heroic Ironheart. Although he did bring Ironheart into difficulties, he could not help but being beat when two Stark employers, Amanda Armstrong and Mary Jane Watson, took out Hijack with pepper-spray and some kicks.


    David Bond has technopathy or the ability to telepathically communicate with, command, and control multiple forms of machinery. With a simple voice command to non verbal gestures, the technology he commands follows his intentions exactly.

    So far he has best displayed this power with forms of vehicles; from making cars drive themselves to forcing the X-men's plane into the air without a pilot. The size of the vehicle doesn't matter, as David has been shown capable of stopping a small car driving away from him and commanding it to return, to steering a S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier far away to a random location. While doing this, the original pilot, driver, etc. cannot change course or override what Hijack has already commanded.

    He can also control fire arms, taking a group of armed S.H.I.E.L.D agents and making them target one another with their weapons. He attempted to use this power on the advanced sentinels sent to ambush Cyclops and his team, but he seemed unable to. Whether this is because the Sentinel was programmed to negate David's powers or not is unknown, or maybe Hijack is simply unable to effect machines with higher A.I. programming.


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