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    US Archer's arch enemy/brother. He is now a demon known as the Highway Man

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    Jefferson Archer was a dedicated trucker who can do anything and was good at his job.  But as lost his flare against other truckers he got desperate to keep up as a good trucker.  So fare that he went to Lucifer for help.  Lucifer ends up turning Jefferson into an unstoppable force but is turned into a demon and forced to drive the devils cargo such as Hellfire and demons  in a black demonic truck.  As years went by he would also kill who ever got in his way.  He would mostly cut off all his victim's heads and throw them into his truck. 

     The Highwayman loses his head in a fight against Ghost Rider. 
     The Highwayman loses his head in a fight against Ghost Rider. 
    One night after killing tons of alien sight seers in a tour bus, he gets the attention of Danny Ketch/Ghost Rider.  He gets in his rig and crushes Ghost Rider with his truck but it doesn't kill him.  He gets cut in the gut by Ghost Rider while still in his truck during the fight.  He tries running over him again only this time he fails again and ends up getting his own head ripped off by Ghost Rider.  His head tries to get away but Ghost Rider torches it with fire and throws it into his demon filled truck blowing it up with him inside.

    Days later it is revealed that Highwayman is still alive and kills a trucker and steals his truck. 


    The Highwayman was created by Al Milgrom and Herb Trimpe in 1983 and first appeared in US 1 # 1.  

    Powers & Abilities

    The Highwayman is a demon with superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. The Highwayman can suffer traumatic injuries and is capable of reforming himself in due time.   
    The Highwayman also drives a demonic 18-wheeler called the Black Rig that hauls demons and souls.

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