HighSpot #1

    HighSpot » HighSpot #1 released by Perfect Storm Publishing on May 2018.

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    Ever since seeing the Cliff Hanger films as a kid, Kate Carter has had two loves: archaeology, and action/adventure movies about archaeologists. Torn between the two, she eventually chose to pursue a career in Hollywood as a stunt woman-but she often dreamed about what might have been.

    Archaeology, specifically Alexander the Great, has also been a passion (some might say obsession) for Jerry Carter (no relation to Kate). A famed relic hunter, he's already found numerous items belonging to the Macedonian king, and he's now after the greatest artifact of them all: the remains of Alexander himself.

    Meanwhile, world domination has long been an interest of Texas oil man Conrad Brooks, who believes that whomever discovers the final resting place of Alexander the Great would be catapulted to global fame and, eventually, to power.

    Conrad's nephew Dennis Brooks, however, seems to have no interests at all-other than scrolling through apps on his phone and being seen with his movie-star girlfriend Emily O'Neil (a relationship that was arranged by his uncle to boost Dennis's visibility). But just because Dennis seems disinterested doesn't mean Conrad doesn't have big plans for his nephew.

    So, to further his nephew's burgeoning political career, and expand his own sphere of influence, Conrad reached out to Carter (Jerry, not Kate), who he believes has the best chance of "helping" Dennis find the remains of the long-missing general, and offered to fund the expedition.

    But before the adventure can begin they all must finish one job-a film on which Kate is working, Jerry is a consultant, Emily is the star, and Dennis and his uncle are visiting the set.

    Only in Hollywood could such a random-ass group of people come together.



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    Working Script: A Review of Highspot #1 0

    Scene 1: Fade in on a comic book opened to its splash page, showcasing the artwork. The pages of the comic reveal a slight patina of yellow, marking it as having a little age and a little usage but still eminently readable. The pages begin turning slowly one by one as a voiceover chimes in.Voiceover Narration: In 1988 the great Mike W. Barr recruited a new and relatively unknown artist for his stellar fair-play mystery series, The Maze Agency. The art was overall well above average if a little r...

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