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    High-End is an intelligent Noumu and the main antagonist of the Pro-Hero Arc. Before meeting Kyudai Garaki and becoming the High End known as Hood he was a battle hungry underground fighter.

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    Hood's most defining trait is his lust for battle. His main goal is to seek strong foes so he may test his strength against them in a 1 on 1 battle. Aside from this hunger for battle Hood displays a strong loyalty to his creator and also displays decent intuition and awareness in combat.


    Due to his status as a High End Nomu, Hood possesses multiple quirks. These quirks are:

    Muscle Augmentation: This Quirk allowed him to augment the muscle fibres in his body, increasing the power and speed of his movements.

    Super Regeneration: This Quirk gave him the ability to regenerate from any damage he takes. He could even regenerate cells that had been burned. As long as his head remained intact, Hood could regenerate his entire body.

    Shoulder-Mounted Jets: This Quirk gave him jets on the back of his shoulders. These jets allowed him to propel himself through the air and fly.

    Transforming Arms: This Quirk allowed him to shapeshift his arms. This gave him the ability to unleash powerful, elastic attacks. He could also turn them into wings to assist with his flight.

    Power: This Quirk allowed his body to contain and unleash enormous physical power. He used this to enhance the strength of his attacks.

    Storage: This Quirk gave him the power to store other beings within his own body and release them at will. His limit appeared to be nine.


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