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    Sorachi, like his recurring character Kondou, is often noted noted for being more like a gorilla than a human and is often openly mocked by his own characters. He's made a few in-story appearances himself, which can be found under the name Amachi Hideaki though usually he is only talked about. Despite the fact his heavy rotation of editors found him to be a nightmare, his best-known work (Gintama) has become one of the biggest successes of Weekly Shonen Jump from the 00's decade.

    While he is almost exclusively known for Gintama, he has worked on a few other works (usually appearing in Weekly Shonen Jump) including a few one-shots and the short serials Kintama (which lasted for eight issues, from #2141-#2148) and Mantama (which was cancelled midway through the first chapter, #2149).

    His one-shots, though unrelated, are sometimes collected in volumes of Gintama such as Dandelion appearing in Volume 1, Shirokuro in Volume 2, 13 in Volume 24 and Bankara-san Ga Tooru in Volume 38.

    In 2011 he also produced a crossover of sorts with his former assistant Kenta Shinohara (best known for Sket Dance), wherein both created a chapter of their series featuring the main cast of the other. Both chapters, though written completely separately, seemed to share a lot of the same sentiments and self-deprecating humor.

    Through Gintama, Sorachi has referenced, parodied or satirized numerous major (and minor) properties in manga, both contemporaries and predecessors and a lot of his humor is highly referential even to non-manga sources like video games, comedians, politicians, Japanese history and pop idols. The most common references tend to be Dragon Ball and Dragon Quest.

    His work also heavily uses Japanese-language puns and features many comedic references to subject matter that some could find offensive such as having a character who often attempts suicide because his life is so worthless, a living sword that sheathes itself in another character's anus or testicles being ripped from the main character and used in a fight between two magicians.

    He has also dealt with much more serious topics such as a girl that was raised a boy and can't figure out how she identifies, a prostitute who had her legs destroyed by a mob boss-type so she couldn't escape and only look down on the city that revered her as something unattainable, and numerous fathers who have abandoned their families and the pain it caused all involved.

    These reasons among others are a large part of why Gintama has been unable to have similar success outside of Japan, with Viz even abandoning its translation relatively early into the series.


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