Character » Hfuhruhurr appears in 6 issues.

    The word-bringer. He travels the Universe, creating a "Union" of minds, harvested from the worlds he encounters, to give him vast Telekinetic and Telepathic powers.

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    Life, is an unnatural state. The body separates the spirit from the union of divinity. Inside these doomed sacks of flesh, one is cut off from the glory. Alone, one is alone and vulnerable. According to Hfuhruhurr, it is his calling to go forth and remedy this situation. In order to accomplish this, the word-bringer merged the minds of the infidels with the great all - the infinite. By linking them up in series, Hfuhruhurr is granted great power.

    This "Union" is extremely powerful. It is the combined force of over two thousand brains. Hfuhruhurr does not even fear bringing Superman into his sanctum. Hfuhruhurr's modus operandi was to convert every being on world to the union. He planned to make those who drove him from his homeworld and holy duty suffer.

    Powers and Abilities

    Hfuhruhurr showed incredible telekinetic ability, able to stop an enraged Superman in his tracks. He has also exhibited telepathic abilities, including limited mind control. These powers appear to be linked to the Union of minds he has fostered, and have been shown to fail him at their behest.

    He also has access to incredibly advanced technologies, in particular related to bio-science, able to keep brains of various alien races alive for thousands of years. He also has access to the combined knowledge and experience of those beings.


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