Hey, Amateur! #1

    Hey, Amateur! » Hey, Amateur! #1 - GN released by IDW Publishing on November 2020.

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    What do you want to learn about? Take your pick in this anthology combining the unprecedented approach of a "how to" book with the diverse subject matter from over 100 contributors sharing their hidden talents via one-page, nine-panel comics!

    Includes entries from a variety of comics creatives including John Allison, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Becky Cloonan, Sanford Greene, Paul Pope, Gail Simone, Mark Buckingham, Box Brown, Gilbert Hernandez, Jill Thompson, Chynna Clugston Flores, and more.

    Each story is part personal "how to," part "how-so." Some of these one-pagers will illuminate aspects of the comic book storytelling process like drawing likenesses, lettering, and cropping art panels. Others go beyond the comics world from the practical (catching a loose dog, changing a tire, speaking in public), to the fun (creating cheap horror makeup, skanking at a ska show, faking a guitar solo), to the peculiar (destroying the Internet, training your doppelgänger, surviving a bear attack--probably).

    All-star creators from South Africa, South America, North America, England, India, and other parts of the world share their favorite recipes, traditions, and talents in this fun, educational anthology. Learn new skills or hone the ones you've got.

    Bonus features include a brand-new story, "How to Wash Your Hands," an introduction by Kelly Sue DeConnick and an essay about the traditional 9-panel grid by Jim Rugg.


    • Beginner's Mind, An Introductory Essay (Kelly Sue DeConnick & Becky Cloonan)
    • Eat Ridiculously Spicy Food (Magdalene Visaggio & Savanna Ganucheau)
    • Draw Likenesses (Gene Ha)
    • Do Cheap Horror Makeup (Delilah S. Dawson & dANI!)
    • Talk To A Celebrity (Lauren Beukes & Tegan Phillips)
    • Care For Your Allergic Kid (Leah Moore & Merle Goll)
    • Catch A Loose Dog (Matt Miner & Tony Akins)
    • Carve A Pumpkin (Jill Thompson)
    • Deal With OCD (Box Brown)
    • Make A Great Curry (Dilraj Mann)
    • Recognize Various Types of Vampires & Protect Yourself From Them (Lilah Sturges & Martin Simmonds)
    • Keep A Band Together. Forever (David Gedge, Terry de Castro, Jessica McMillan & Lee Thacker)
    • Lucid Dream (Natalia Hernandez)
    • Letter A Comic (Aditya Bidikar)
    • Go To the Bathroom Without A Bathroom (Maris Wicks)
    • Do An Ollie (Cindy Whitehead & Nicole Goux)
    • Use and Ask For Pronouns (Casey Gilly & Jen Hickman)
    • Be A Successful Hobby Herpetologist (Liz "Frog" Prince)
    • Prepare A Mate (Rafael Albuquerque)
    • Be Mindful (Karrie Fransman)
    • Make A Talisman (And Then Destroy It) (Michael Conrad & Caitlin Yarsky)
    • Spot A Galaxy (Emmeline Pidgen)
    • Make Burritos Right (Gilbert Hernandez)
    • Create Your Own TTRPG (Marie Enger)
    • Rock Barre Chords (William Potter & Katie Skelly)
    • Have A Career In Comics (Peter Bagge)
    • Daydream (Paulina Ganucheau)
    • Master Qi Gong (Chuck Brown & Sanford Greene)
    • Be Dyslexic (Megan Hitchison)
    • Survive In the Woods With A Knife and A Rabbit (Oliver Gerlach & Peter Snejbjerg)
    • Contour Draw (Lucy Sullivan)
    • Herd Cats (Cecil Castellucci & Sweeney Boo)
    • Train Your Doppelganger (Alex Paknadel & Simon Bisley)
    • Decorate A Cake (Alissa Wallers, Michael Moreci & Cara McGee)
    • Fake A Guitar Solo (Julian Dassai)
    • Survive Your Parents' Elder Years (Cindy Whitehead & Dan Berry)
    • Detail the 7 Chakras (David Tischman & Lisa Sterle)
    • Perform An En Dehors Pirouette (Eric Shanower)
    • Be A Badass Goth (Leah Moore & Nanna Venter)
    • Change A Tire (David Hahn)
    • Be Unspectacular (Rob Davis)
    • Kiss (Alisa Kwitney & Nick Robles)
    • Do A Turkish Get-Up (Erica Henderson)
    • Write A Novel (David Barnett & Zoe Thorogood)
    • Crop Art Panels (Jesse Hamm)
    • Teach Your Dog To Ring A Bell To Go Outside (Emi Lenox)
    • Be The Perfect Party Host (Matthew Howes & Mark Buckingham)
    • Destroy the Internet (Gail Simone & Cathy Brett)
    • Meditate (Glyn Dillon)
    • Skank At A Ska Show (Sam Grinberg)
    • Make A Dog Dapper (Jonathan Edwards & Felt Mistress)
    • Clip the Claws of An Unruly Cat (Marley Zarcone)
    • Make A Proper Cup of Tea (William Potter & Simon Gane)
    • Create the Perfect Playlist (Vita Ayala & Eduardo Medeiros)
    • Fly This Thing! (Jarrod Jones & Kristian Rossi)
    • Pain A Mural (Lola the Illustrator)
    • Survive A Bear Attack, Probably (Chynna Clugston Flores)
    • Speak In Public (Marguerite Bennett & Alabaster Pizzo)
    • Be A Warrior (Paul Pope & Neha Sharma)
    • Screenprint A Gig Poster (Rory Phillips)
    • Pack Groceries With Machine-Like Efficiency (John Allison)
    • Bonus: How To Wash Your Hands (William Potter)
    • Successfully Kickstart A Campaign: The Afterword (Shelly Bond & Helen Green)
    • Behind-the-Panel Borders (process pieces & miscellany)
    • The 9-Panel Grid: An Essay (Jim Rugg)
    • Other Contributors & A Barrel of Monkeys

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    FCFront CoverMichael Allred (a) & Laura Allred (c)1
    BCBack CoverSanford Greene2


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