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    Nicola is a powerful alchemist seeking to destroy witches - specifically the Scarlet Witch - for betraying her people.

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    Nicola Zosimos' ancestors were mountain witches, guardians of an eldritch mine. The mine was coveted by the demon Kierrok and his N'Garai. They slaughtered many of the witches until they began fighting back. The strongest of them was called the Hexfinder. The most recent one is Nicola Zosimos, an alchemist seeking vengeance against all witches for not coming to their aid when the demons attacked them. Top on her list was the Scarlet Witch.


    Nicola was created by Sara Pichelli and Steve Orlando to be an antagonist for the Scarlet Witch. Nicola debuted in Scarlet Witch (2023) Issue #7 - Magic and Magnetism!, on August 2, 2023.

    Major Story Arcs

    Vengeance against Witches

    Nicola sought to destroy all witches for betraying her people and went after Wanda Maximoff, in particular. She wanted to add Wanda to her collection of witches that she had killed. She first met up with Diablo to pay him a debt by giving him a Wordsword. Nicola then recruited Joseph, a clone of Magneto, and had him get close to Wanda. When the time came, Nicola walked through the door meant for people who are lost and have nothing left, to fight Wanda.


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