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    Hestia was the Goddess of the Hearth and Home. She was the oldest Olympian. She is the eldest daughter of Cronus and Rhea.

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    Hestia is the oldest and also known as the youngest of the Olympians. She was the first actually born, and shortly after the first to be consumed by Cronus. When her brother Zeus defeated Cronus and her siblings started to come out of Cronus, she was the last one to come out, which is why she is somtimes considered the "youngest" of the Greek Gods. She then along with her other five siblings took power at Mt. Olympus shortly after the fall of Cronus.


    Hestia received the domain of the Hearth and Home. Meaning she was very much a daily Goddess in the greeks life. Often, towns would have a large "hearth" at the center of their town, where they would try to keep it burning as much as possible in honor of Hestia. She is also the Goddess of the Home, meaning she protects all families, and those without families of their own, such as orphans.


    Hestia is known to be one of the mildest gods if not the mildest. She has been known to not have any serious quarrels with mortals, while pretty much all other Olympians have. She is also known for being soft spoken, and a follower. For this reason, she isn't the most known Goddess of the Greek Panthenon.


    She stayed with the main twelve Olympians for quite awhile before Dionysus was welcomed in. She graciously gave up her seat to tend to the hearth on Mt. Olympus, so she could keep it burning all the time. So she is no longer considered a principle goddess of the Olympians.

    Wonder Woman

    Hestia is one out of the five Goddesses and Hermes, to grant Wonder Woman her powers and abilities. Hestia granted Wonder Woman sisterhood with great fire, that may open men's hearts to her.


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