Herr Kleiser

    Character » Herr Kleiser appears in 8 issues.

    Kleiser is an alien shapeshifter and first lieutenant of the Chitauri. He is Captain America's archnemesis in the Ultimate universe.

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    Herr Kleiser is the main antagonist in the “Homeland Security” Arc of The Ultimates.

    He first appeared in a flashback set in the Poland of 1944, where he try to prevent Captain America from destroying a German Train that was to transport components for a Nazi Super Weapon that the Chitauri are helping Hitler build. Kleiser fails and Captain America successfully destroys the train, apparently killing Kleiser in the explosion   

    He resurfaces in the present day with a new army, ready to completely annihilate the Ultimates and Earth’s armies to finally conquer the planet.

    His plan doesn’t go well, since the leaders of the Chitauri race are retreating from every corner of their empire, attacked by their ancient enemies. Kleiser it’s forced to activate a Doomsday device that will destroy the entire planet and retreat along with his soldiers.    

    The Ultimates return to one last battle. Herr Kleiser is caught in a long hand to hand fight against his foe Captain America, but gets ultimately beheaded by the Hulk.



    Herr Kleiser is a skilled fighter, able to sustain a long and brutal combat against Captain America, and then holding a resistance to various direct blows from the Incredible Hulk.

    He is revealed to have healing powers strong enough to cure a direct shot to the head, being cut in half and escape unharmed from a jet’s explosion.


    Other Media 
    Herr Kleiser appeared in two direct-to-DVD movies from Marvel, Ultimate Avengers & Ultimate Avengers 2, always voiced by actor  James K. Ward


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