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Created by writer Tom Tully and artist Frank Bellamy, the sword and sorcery epic Heros the Spartan occupied the centre pages of the Eagle from his debut on 27th October 1962. Spanish artist Luis Bermejo later alternated art chores with Bellamy, and eventually took over completely when Bellamy decided to depart.

The Heros Saga appeared in the following issues of Eagle:

  • EAGLE Vol. 13:43 - 13:52, 14:1 - 14:9 (27 Oct 1962 - 29 Dec 1962, 05 Jan 1963 - 02 Mar 1963) Heros the Spartan: The Island of Darkness by Tom Tully
  • EAGLE Vol. 14:10 - 14:43 (09 Mar 1963 - 26 Oct 1963) Heros the Spartan: The Eagle of the Fifth by Tom Tully
  • EAGLE Vol. 15:23 - 15:42 (06 Jun 1964 - 17 Oct 1964) Heros the Spartan: Axe of Argath by Tom Tully
  • EAGLE Vol. 16:9 - 16:30 (27 Feb 1965 - 24 Jul 1965) Heros the Spartan: The Slave Army by Tom Tully
  • EAGLE ANNUAL 1966 pp.89-96 "Heros the Spartan" [No title]

Heros was born in Sparta but raised as the adopted son of a Roman general and became centurion in the Roman army. Though a loyal servant of the Roman Empire, he often faced prejudice from other legionairres due to his "foreign" origins.


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