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Comrades in Arms

Prince of Power #2 of 4

Pak continues to deliver a fun and entertaining story with Amadeus Cho the new prince of power.   This issue reveals more of what the plot of this mini will actually entail.   We already knew that Cho was seeking a way to locate Hercules (who is absent from Hades the Elysian Fields or Tartarus) and in order to do so he is trying to figure out how to become a god.   There has been a wrench (hammer) thrown into his mission when he has to face off against Thor and have a great debate on who was a better friend of Hercules.   Finally deciding to work together as the heads of all the pantheons are holding Cho in sour light thinking his plot is to steal what is most precious to them.

He has the recipe, he has ZERO ingredients, a new ally, and the empire he left behind has been seized by Vali Halfling (the illegitimate son of Loki).   This story is shaping up vary nicely and has enough suspense in it to keep you wanting more.   As always, you will find within this tome top quality onomatopoeias.

4 out of 5 Krrrozzzoverrs    

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