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To defy the gods!

Prince of Power #1 of 4

Thank you Marvel for letting Greg Pak continue bringing us readers one of the most epic stories that nobody is reading.   Pak has continued to be nothing less than awesome with his treatment of the Incredible Hercules and the current Prince of Power, Amadeus Cho.

We had the opportunity to watch this friendship/partnership thrive for 2 years as Amadeus Cho learned how to be a hero from one of the greats.   With his friend fallen and new seat at the head of the group I was sure that there was going to be something great coming for the 7 Smartest person in the Marvel 616 Earth.   I was right.  

Amadeus has pulled together his new resources and old friends in order to go on his quest to find his fallen comrade in arms and mentor.   This story actually began in the Fall of an Avenger mini where Amadeus discovers that Herc was not residing in the Elysian Fields or Hades.   Now armed with Herc’s mace, a lot of money, his quantum hyper-mind, and some useful Banner-tech; he is prepared to scour the universe and all its realities to find the former Prince of Power.

On this quest he seeks out information on what he will need to do in order to return Herc to his place in the Greek pantheon.   He is advised by an exiled Asgardian Halfling into the ingredients he will need “to become like unto a god.”   This is an excellent nerd-out moment for fans of the Herc and Mighty Avengers series that have been following the concept of the Age of Marvels/Age of the Gods.   (I guess they went with Age of Heroes instead though.)   Because it supports some of the theories that readers and fans have come to regarding what it takes to be a god in the Marvel Universe.

This book is worth every bit of your time to read the story is great so far and the concepts are something that actually make the reader think.   Not to mention the greatest sound effects in comics.   REBOOOOT

4.5 out of 5 Awesome Onomatopoeias    


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