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So you missed out on Incredible Herc? Give this a try...

Incredible Hercules was my favorite Marvel book.  Why it wasn't a consistently top ten selling book I will never understand.  It was hilarious, action packed, and always had a much deeper story running from the first issue than you see upon first glance.  The book was just pure unadulterated fun.   
Incredible Herc goes on the list with a long line of great books allot of folks never bothered to read for one reason or another. 
During the final arc of the book, Assualt on New Olympus, we were led to believe that Hercules was killed by his sister Athena in order make way for a new Prince of Power to take his place.  The new Prince of Power?  Well, unless you didn't bother to take a gander at the cover, is Amadeus Cho.  
At the end of the Hercules:  Fall of an Avenger mini-series we found out that Hercules is in fact not dead, merely misplaced somewhere in the Multiverse, so Amadeus takes the reigns of the Olympus Group, the corporation that handles the Olympian Pantheon's earthly holdings, to take advantage of their resources so he can track down and bring back his best friend Hercules. 
That should basically catch you up to the begining of this issue.
This issue basically serves as a character introduction to the readers who aren't familiar with the 7th Smartest Person on earth. 
One thing I've always loved is how the world through Amadeus' eyes is portrayed.  Amadeus sees the world as an every changing series of quantum vairables, which translates to him seeing the world as one big math equation.  It's a simple thing when you see it on the page, but it really adds to his character as you get some sort of idea how his mind works. 
The great thing about both Cho and Herc was that they completely lacked impulse control.  Herc's moral compass pointed a bit more towards true north and Amadeus' though, half the fun of the book was watching them dive into trouble head first and then deal with the consequences.  Well, without Herc's voice of reason, who would have ever thought Hercules would be called that, Cho is running amok in this issue.   He blatantly defies the Gods, smarts off to them, questions their every motive, and generally does what ever the hell he wants.  To be honest, Cho's kind of an arrogant jerk, but It's fun to see just how much of a good influence Herc, the frat boy of the Gods, was on Cho. 
Amadeus makes it pretty clear to anyone who will listen that he's going to do everything in his power, and that's allot of power these days, to bring Hercules back to earth. 
As was promised the best sound effects in the business make their illustrious return.  For those not aware, Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente write sound effects to reflect what's going on in the fight, we've seen everything from Herc sucker punching Thor to purple nurples brought to life by these sound effects.  I knew right from the first "REBOOOT" as Cho battles it out with Griffin in a mall that I was in for a treat.


The book also further explores the nature of the Gods of the Marvel Universe as we see Cho and another character hatch a plan to out-god the Gods.  I've gotten allot of pleasure out of this angle as it's been presented up until now, as you can see in my Gods vs. Marvels blog entry.  Myself, I'm really excited to see where all of this is going. 
I think Reilly Brown and the rest of the art team were born to draw this title.  Their action scenes are colorful and dynamic while the down time scenes he captures facial expressions and feelings incredibly well which is a great thing because Amadeus doesn't have much control over his emotions and you can see them constantly shifting thanks to the art.  Even the scene with Cho talking to Delphyne you see just how much the loss of Herc hurt him and after revelations in this issue he's deeply saddened by the huge set back he encounters in getting Herc back. 
Over all this was a very fun read for long time Incredible Herc fans and a great jumping on point for those who missed out on that series and are looking to try something new. 
4.5/5 hidden agendas, I highly recommend this to everyone.

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