Heroes vs. Heroes

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    In certain situations heroes may have disagreements or something along these lines (like mind control), which can cause heroes to fight each other.

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    Usually when a hero battles against a hero, it`s because of:

    • Someone mind controlling a hero or heroes.
    • One, both or all of the heroes in question are pulling a hoax on a villain, or villains.
    • There has been a misunderstanding (for example, a hero thinks that the other hero has killed someone).
    • Someone or something (example: a planet) can only be saved if a hero is killed.
    • One/some/all of the heroes have decided to act like villains.

    The former has been used in Civil war and Avengers vs. X-men, among others. The heroes usually have a reason to act like villains, in this case. For example, a different political view, saving lifes or a sudden case of insanity. The reason isn`t always good, but it`s a reason.

    It`s a typical habit for the heroes to team up for the remainder of the adventure, after the fight ends. Or get scorned at each other.


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