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It’s the most wild Heroes For Hire team yet! With terror in the streets, our underdog operatives fight just to keep the city together....and that means Misty Knight must recruit some very unlikely agents! Just who is for hire tonight? Would you believe Elektra, Shroud…and Gargoyle?


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Meh... month-in / month-out, I for some reason or other continue to give this title a chance although it's ever "on the bubble" for me as probably the Marvel title I'm currently reading I'd be most likely to drop.  I keep trying it because I'm intrigued with the premise and I KNOW Abnett and Lanning have it in them to make this title "pop" (just re-read through their entire Guardians of the Galaxy and GOD is it good)... but this title still just... adamantly refuses to be better than aver...

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Heroes For Hire #9 0

Fear Itself Summary Paladin attempts to fight Worthy-possessed Ben Grimm. Gargoyle arrives on the scene and temporarily wounds Ben. A small-time narcotics dealer named Brady Briedel is trapped under some rubble but is alive. Shroud arrives at the Raft and fights Mash-Up and Firefight. Elektra arrives on the scene and takes down but doesn't kill Mash-Up and Firefight. Brady Briedel digs his way out of the rubble and finds that the chemicals he was doused in turned him into a ...

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Another arc another artist! 0

I know my reviews for this series tend to focus a lot on the art teams, but the artists have been so unusual (to me at least) that I think it's important. It goes without saying that Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are going to put out quality writing month after month, and here they keep up the good work with a story that shows us how Misty and Paladin deal with the events of Fear Itself in New York. It's an intriguing setup with some good potential as Misty enlists heroes to deal with escaped vill...

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