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Misty Needs to Zip Her Lip

Spider-Man makes a guest appearance as Misty tries to lead Paladin in the right direction.

The Good

Really fun story. The book has a great sense of humor about it, and while I have no clue who Paladin is, I enjoyed every second of him in this issue. His story really sets a great pace here, and you'll fly through the pages. I have no clue if he has powers or if he's just some guy in a suit off the street, but all-in-all I didn't care because I enjoyed him as a character.

I also got to see one of my favorite, terrible Marvel Silver Age characters "leap" into this issue as well. (That's a pretty big hint) For some reason, he's still a really cool B-Villain and he works well against non-powered heroes... and he has a cool mustache.

The dialogue is witty and straight to the point thanks to the writing of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. There's also the great art team of Brad Walker, Drew Hennessy and Jay Ramos, and frankly, it's the best art I've seen today, thus far. This book is filled with awesomeness.

The Bad

As you can probably tell by the title of this review, Misty yaps on a bit too much. This is my first time reading this, so is she always this annoying? She was my biggest problem with this issue actually. I'm glad Spider-man ended up getting on the intercom and yapping it up with her. They can do that off-panel all they want.

I'm not too sure what's going on. The catch-up pages does a decent time of getting me up to speed, but because this is the first issue I've read, I'm a bit confused on who they're chasing and why.

The Verdict

Overall, an incredibly fun read. There are some great, not so well-known characters in this book, great art, and great writing. Honestly, I usually wouldn't pick this one up on my own, but after this issue, I'm in full force. If you like a solid, entertaining read then this is for you. I recommend this book.

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