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What The Hell Happened?


Not the best in the series, but not the worst.  Nice backdrop of puppet master there and nice use of colors.  Pretty fitting to the interior content, just wish we could've seen Punisher in the cover.

The Good:

Resolution is always good, and while not all the questions are answered here, it certainly gives us some light on some of the material in previous issues.  I like that now that this is finally over, we can move on to another arc that's hopefully better and that actually needed this arc as its backbone.  In other words, don't make me feel like this arc was pointless to the title.  Usually arcs tie in together somehow throughout an ongoing, and at least from what I've gathered so far, we should be getting some of that here, which is a very good thing in my opinion.  

The Bad:

I agree with some of my friends that say that this issue should have really been action packed, and it isn't, which is a shame.  The author's choice on who gets "controlled" was a little hard for me to swallow too, and the lack of explanations on that regard was maddening, but from the looks of it, those questions will be answered in future issues.  The main aspect of this issue that really, really hurt it was the lackluster quality of art.  Faces were contorted every which weird way imaginable, Punisher grimacing in almost every panel.  It just felt extremely rushed and low caliber.  Even though we have the same creative team for the last two issues, I'm beginning to miss the artists from the first three issues.  


This was an extremely disappointing finale to an arc that started in high gear.  Usually stories build towards a climax, and in retrospect, it seems like we started at the high point and slowly went downhill.  Interestingly enough, it seems like we are about to kick it into gear once more in issues to come, so I will still hold onto this title unless it severely disappoints me again.  Hopefully, this title will begin to shine again and go back to how it started five issues ago.


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