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FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN Manhattan’s in flames and while some of the Heroes For Hire fight to control the apocalyptic situation, others are fighting each other at the command of a threat they—and you—never saw coming!


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Heroes For Hire #10 0

Nothing To Lose Summary Elektra and Shroud continue their fight against the Purple Man-contolled inmates at the Raft. Shroud conceals the place in shadow so that he and Elektra can gain the upper hand. Paladin and Gargoyle head back to Yancy Street to help the wounded. Misty Knight puts on a jacket and grabs medical supplies to assist. Gargoyle runs into Brady Briedel who turns him into stone and takes down Paladin as a better version. Misty Knight tries to contact Paladin but Paladin ha...

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Meh 0

By this point, I'm just waiting for this storyline to be done so I can drop this book (though Marvel may be doing that for me to some degree with a potential relaunch/re-title on the way).  I'm open to being pleasantly surprised with an amazing ending, but I highly doubt it.  I picked up this book on faith in DnA after their INCREDIBLE run on Guardians of the Galaxy.  They proved on that title that they have a knack for team books with eclectic lineups, and it doesn't get much more eclectic than...

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Good Stuff... 0

Cover:   Apart from the obnoxious banner that I speak about every week, it's a pretty cool cover.  I find it kind of funny how they just show this random guy in the background to show that Elektra and Shroud are fighting at the Raft.  The Good:   Fear Itself, sadly, is what this comic needed to actually get somewhere.  I didn't know where else this series would go, but preoccupying the members of the Heroes For Hire team with all of the events happening with Fear Itself has allowed a slight bi...

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