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Are You For Hire???

Heroes for Hire is back!!! Will this book and the new direction for the heroes work??? 
The Good 
This book is so cool. The team being assembled when needed is very good idea. It's a fast book which is good. The art and writing are excellant.  
The Bad 
There was no real bad in this issue. My only probelm was is the Puppet Master really capiable of what he is doing but I have faith in DnA. 
This was an excellant issue. I really enjoyed it but with this title's luck it could get cancelled in a few issues. Without a set team it could get annoying when you are getting attached to them and then they are gone could be a probelm. All I want in this title is American Eagle to appear as I just love that guy. Brad Walker's art is so good but he sometimes drew Falcon with big lips.
The Score 
Heroes For Hire #1 gets a 4.5

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