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Superman, Batman and Lex Luthor... failing to stop Hunger

When a company follows suit, it means they have the chance to out due the thing they followed.  In this case, DC Comics followed suit with Marvel Comics Heroes for Hope: Staring the X-Men. I included the link to my Heroes of Hope review, since I think it was the better benefit comic.  DC Comics had the chance to take what made the Marvel book enjoyable, and make this one better.  DC Comics failed to do so.  I blame Jim Starlin as the primary plotter. Unlike the Marvel book where there were more people in the plotting process this story, was just Starlin and if you are familiar with Starlin's work... someone needs to die.  In this case it is a horrible idea of a villain named "Master", which I hope is his only appearance in comics.
This comic is really a cheesy Superman and Batman comic, with more focus on the Super (heroic feats) and less of the actual being a Hero.  Superman and Batman also need to team up with Lex Luthor, which is maybe the best aspect of this comic, because it teaches the lesson of humility and humbleness.  The World must work together to help beat hunger.  By humbling the Superheroes, it is almost like there is no need for the Superheroes in this comic.

The art is lovely in this comic, with many of the DC staples working on this comic. It would of been nice to see Marvel guys on this comic, since Marvel got DC guys on theirs. Rarely do you really see the creators influence in the writing, I am under the assumption that Starlin plotted, while the "writer" only did dialogue and the Penciler did their own thing within Starlin's plots.
I am glad that the money from this comic went to help Africa.  Overall, that is the best thing that this comic did, it is a fairly easy to forget story that was nice to look at and enjoyable to read half the time.
- Silkcuts  

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