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The sequel to last year's top-selling HEROES hardcover is here! This stunning new volume collects the incredibly engaging online comics based on the smash-hit, Emmy Award-nominated NBC TV series Heroes! Collecting every online chapter from Season Two, this volume features the work of top TV and comics writers. Included are the stories "TheTen Brides of Takezo Kensei," "The End of Hana and Drucker," "The Golden Goose" and many more!

Collects Chapters 35-80.

"It Takes A Village," Parts 1-4, feature the origin of the Haitian.

"Betty," Parts 1-4, tells the story of a high school student tormented by her peers. When she discovers her powers to instill fear into others, things start to change.

"Goldenhandshake," Parts 1-4 tells a story of Claude and his first partner.

"Heroism Is Found In The Heart" tells the story of Ando (having been dumped back in Tokyo by Hiro) trying to charm Kimiko Nakamura. He ends up earning Kaito's respect.

"Blackout," Parts 1 & 2. Mohinder tries to save a patient in a hospital he believes has the Shanti Virus. Turns out he just has some powers of his own.

"Maya Y Alejandro" tells about the beginning of their story.

"Flying Blind" gives a little insight into the mind of flying boy, West.

"The Crossroads." After Suresh visits the Haitian in Haiti, he agrees to join his crusade but first has to deal with some demons from his past.

"Petrified Lightning" sees an amnesic Peter getting closer to the new woman in his life, Caitlin in Ireland.

"The Trial Of The Black Bear," sees Adam Monroe as Takezo Kensei trying to get an ancient scroll without Hiro's help.

"Molly's Dream." Molly dreams of being chased by the boogieman.

"Team Building Exercise" tells of HRG's first "bag and tag" mission with Ivan and Maarten.

"Quarantine" is a story about evading the virus that had been unleashed.

"Man On Fire" shows the heroic D.L. Hawkins as a brave firefighter.

"Pursuit" Parts 1 & 2 tells a tale of Adam Monroe in 1777.

"Special." West is taken by HRG and the Haitian. When trying to escape, he meets young Claire. Will either remember this encounter?

"Elle's First Assignment." Elle is sent after the cheerleader.

"Normal Lives" has the Bennets on the run.

"The Ten Brides Of Takenzo Kensei" has Adam reminiscing while trapped in his coffin.


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