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Welcome to the Zenith Foundation,an organization which only concern is to protect and save people, all that thanks to their super hero Zenith,once a regular man,Howard Porter,a decorated soldier who received powers(flying,super strenght, invulnerability) from a strange light. Zenith is an idol, everyone loves him, he has even a fan group that follow his every step. Meet Adam, a regular teenager who worships Zenith. This is the story about a fan becoming closer to his idol and learning that not everything is like it seems from TV, you can't always believe what you see in the screen. Adam's beliefs will be shattered as Zenith's perfect role model crashes around him, but will he listen to the truth or the long years of worshipping his hero will count more than it? Giving super powers to a common man isn't exaclty news(see Millar's Superior for instance), but Zak Penn and Scott Murphy did a very solid and good job in describing all the shadow and inconspicous elements that hover Zenith Foundation, telling a story about a false idol or a hero built from P.R. In these 6 issues there's a good development of Adam as a character, facing his feelings and learning how to deal with his new life. Definitely the best thing here is Michael Dipascale art (artist + colors), a fantastic reallistic style, faces with feelings, good movements, very nice art indeed. So why wasn't this tltle more well received from the audience? Perhaps for addressing a theme (fanboy and a hero who isn't exactly Superman's morals code standarts) that's not exaclty the more interesting, though the writers did a good job. I won't say this is phenomenal, it isn't bad either, but very clichet and foreseeable.

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