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Hero Cruz was born and raised in the city of Metropolis. Almost all of his life was ordinary, and it continued that way until the day that he was caught in trouble.

That day would be a turning point since he found a complete arsenal of weapons from the villain known as the Scavenger. Between those weapons was the Achilles Vest, Hero Cruz decided to take it and left the rest of the weapons there.

It appears that the Achilles Vest was a magical item that granted it's wearer a great amount of invulnerability. Using that power he became the newest and possibly the most powerful member of the "Event Horizon". The Even Horizon was known to be one of the most important and powerful intergalactic raves in the universe.

The rave was very similar to one from earth, however it also had their differences and rules. In that rave were people from different places around the world, the galaxy and even different dimensions.

The only request that the intergalactic rave had for new members was that they must had at least one power. After Hero Cruz joined the rave he quickly made new friends with the other members.

Hero Cruz was part of a team with members of the Event Horizon, his teammates were Sparx, Half-Life, Kaliber, Aura and Superboy (Kon-El). Along with Superboy and the rest of the team they traveled to various planets and had dozens of adventures.


It was Christmas season, and Hero Cruz decided to invite all his teammates (The Ravers) to his home so that they could all spend Christmas together.

It was at this time that Scavenger discovered that someone has taken the Achilles Vest. Trying to find it he used his powers to teleport to where the Achilles Vest was, he appeared inside of Hero Cruz's house and thought that it had been Sparx who had taken the Achilles Vest. He decided to kidnap her and also took the Achilles Vest. After this the rest of the ravers went to save her.

Hero Cruz (Depowered), Superboy and Aura decided to go and free Sparx. It was during this attempt that Scavenger captured Superboy and Aura. When it looked like nothing would save them, Hero Cruz took a dial with his name written on it. He put it and he immediately was transformed into different heroes one after the other.

One of them was the hero known as Human Justice, he outsmarted Scavenger making him to free both Superboy and Aura. After that Scavenger decided to escape, this let Hero Cruz to keep the dial for himself, he later named the dial as the "H-dial"

Soon after that, Hero Cruz would leave the vest, he started to use his new powers granted by the H-dial to fight crime. The H-dial's ability was to make Hero Cruz become one of several heroes. Every hero was totally different to the other ones with also different powers.

Hidden Secrets

Some time later, Hero Cruz's partner in the ravers Sparx would start to fall in love with Hero Cruz. Hero started a relationship with her using one of his hero transformations. However every time that Hero changed back to his real form he wouldn't feel any attraction to Sparx, in fact he would start to feel uncomfortable to be around her.

Hero Cruz decided to break his relationship with Sparx and reveal to her the reason of that. He revealed to Sparx that the reason he didn't feel attracted to her was because he was "gay". This took Sparx by surprise and she needed a long time to accept it.

It was also discovered that the reason that one of his transformation was in love with Sparx was because the transformations are apparently manifestation of what he desired. Having a close friendship with Sparx was what made one of his transformations fell in love with Sparx.

While this was happening the predecessor of Hero Cruz as the owner of the H-dial, Vicki Grant had just moved to San Francisco when she joined a band known as "The evil children of the sun". That band were able to make Vicki Grant become evil. That was what lead to her rush and salvage attack against Hero Cruz when they first met, however thanks to the H-Dial who remembered it's last master, she was purified and was freed from any bad influence she had thanks to the H-Dial. She decided to stay with Sparx's family until she was fully recovered.

No more a Raver

Some time after this the leader of the Event Horizon (Kindred Marx) would decide to disband the rave. Soon After that Hero Cruz left the team and went back to earth.

Teen Titans

After that the five founding titans (Nightwing, Flash, Donna Troy, Arsenal and Tempest) decided to form a new titans group. Each one of them nominated another candidate for membership, Hero Cruz wasn't offered membership tough.

Some time later, Beast Boy decided to revive Teen Titans West under the new name of Titans L.A., along with Bushido, Matt Logan, Bumblebee, Flamebird, Beast Boy, Captain Marvel Jr., Terra and Herald, Hero Cruz was a member, however the team didn't last.

Powers and Abilities

By dialing H-E-R-O on the mythical H-dial, Hero Cruz can transform into a different super-powered hero. Hero Cruz has learned to concentrate on a specific power when dialing, and manifesting that power in his new superhuman guise.

Hero has also surmised that the transformations are something of a psychological manifestation of the dialer. Thus, his friendly platonic affection for Sparx manifested as romantic feelings in one of his guises. Likewise, Vicki Grant's horrific transformations were linked to her poor self image at the time.


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