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    The Hero Initiative provides help when comic book creators are in need, it’s as simple as that. This volume presents an all-star line-up of incredible comic book talent who have come together, donating their time and considerable talents for a good cause. Now, you can do your part—buy this book and help the Hero Initiative continue its noble work!

    Featuring dozens of great writers and artists, and many of your favorite series, like American Flagg!, Chew, The Maxx, Jon Sable, Red Star, as well as original concepts, as well as an astounding selection of short “Heroes In Action” stories by more than a dozen creators telling their own firsthand experiences with the Hero Initiative when they needed a helping hand, including Gene Colan, Stan Goldberg, Ralph Reese, and more.


    Part One: Stories

    • American Flagg
    • A Nice Day
    • Samson!
    • The Amazing Adventures of The Dime-Sized Dynamo! in A Two-Page Mystery!
    • The Dream Princess
    • My Last Landlady
    • Once Upon A Time
    • Chew: A View To A Pill
    • Elephantmen: Old Soldiers
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Ready, Set, Go!
    • Zombies vs. Robots: Four Fine Days During the Zombie Robot War
    • The Red Star
    • Elephantmen: Ebony Dreams
    • The Maxx
    • Pod People
    • Jon Sable Freelance
    • The Hero Heist

    Part Two: Hero In Action

    • The Monster
    • Safe Haven
    • Room 4
    • S & G
    • This Is My Story
    • My Hero
    • Hero Initiative
    • Angels!
    • Bottle of Wine
    • Even A Hero Needs A Hero
    • The Story of Joe Phillips
    • One More Time
    • Comic Book Land
    • To The Rescue
    • Those Who Stay
    • Dave Simons

    Part Three: Gallery

    • Darwyne Cooke - Dave Stevens' The Rocketeer Recreation
    • Arthur Adams - Monkeyman & O'Brien Pin-Up
    • Arthur Adams - Fantastic Four #82 Cover Reinterpretation
    • Arthur Adams - Inredible Hulk #181 Cover Reinterpretation
    • Arthur Adams - Marvel Feature #11 Cover Reinterpretation
    • J. Scott Campbell - Eve (Hero Comics 2009 Cover)
    • J. Scott Campbell - Goldilocks (Hero Comics 2011 Cover)
    • J. Scott Campbell - Goldilocks Pencils
    • J. Scott Campbell - Blue Fairy (Hero Comics 2012 Cover)
    • J. Scott Campbell - Blue Fairy pencils
    • J. Scott Campbell - Wendy (Hero Comics 2012 Cover)
    • J. Scott Campbell - Wendy Pencils
    • J. Scott Campbell - Lady In the Lake (Hero Comics 2014 Cover)
    • J. Scott Campbell - Lady In the Lake Pencils
    • Sam Kieth - Maxx (Hero Comics 2014 Cover)
    • Sam Kieth - Maxx Inks
    • Matt Wagner - Grendel (Hero Comics 2009 Cover)
    • Adam Hughes - Hero (Hero Comics 2011 Cover)
    • Mark Schultz - Xenozoic Tales Pin-Up
    • Gene Ha - Captain Hammer Pin-Up


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