Character » Hermod appears in 66 issues.

    He is the Asgardian God of Speed and messenger of Odin.

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    Name: Hermod. Also Hermóðr.

    Symbols: The main symbol of Hermod was his speed.

    Area Of Control: velocity, speed, travel, and message.

    Usual Image: Hermod was thought of as a young man.

    Holy Books: The Edda, as well as poems and sagas.

    Place Of Worship: Temples, forests and household altar.

    Relatives: Odin (father), Thor, Balder, Heimdall, Hod, Tyr, Vidar, Vali and Bragi (half brothers).

    Synodeities: Turms (Etruscan), Hermes / Mercury (Greek-Roman.)


    Hermod Using His Speed
    Hermod Using His Speed

    Hermod is an incredible young Asgardian God who is known for his unmatched speed. He is employed under Odin as his messenger. One of his greatest missions was to travel all the way to hell in order to speak to Hela. He was tasked to gather information on how to revive Balder the Brave

    He also takes form of a mortal named Howie Baker. In this form, He wears an enchanted headband as well as Rollerblades. The enchanted headband that he wears gives him superhuman speed.

    The Search for Tyr

    The Death of Hermod
    The Death of Hermod

    Hermod is amongst the Children of Odin who meet in the Hall of Ullr for the first time since the Eight Cosmos began. Hermod is supervising his youngest sibling Laussa, dubious of the attendance of Ullr himself, and concerned for the whereabouts of his half-brother, Tyr. After numerous bouts of villainy Tyr was not to be found, and so Hermod travels with his siblings into the realm of the In-Betweener, where Tyr has been hidden away at the will of Loki. Angela and Honir track Tyr's essence in two distinct directions, and so Hermod follows Honir to one of the In-Betweener's many boxes. Hermod scouts ahead inside the pocket dimension, finding the corrupted physical form of Tyr possessed by the cosmic aspect of Oblivion. Hermod attempts to quell Oblivion and return to the others, but nothing is faster than Hermod, and thus Oblivion erases the God of Speed from existence.


    Like the rest of the Asgardian Gods, Hermod possesses mystical abilities such as invulnerability, healing abilities, enhanced stamina and life longevity. His speed though is second to none as he could easily surpass that of any superhuman, mutant or individual. It is in these speeds that he can pass through dimensions and worlds with the greatest of ease.


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