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Powers and Abilities

Hermit is a very talented disciple of Chinese Martial Arts and is one of the main rivals of Kenichi Shirahama. Hermits training under Sougetsu Ma as given him an edge over most other disciples in Ragnarok and the Shinpaku Alliance as Hermit is the one to most often surpass his previous limits. Only Kenichi, Takeda Ikki, and Siegfried have kept up with Hermits level. Hermit knows at least some parts of all Chinese Kenpo though he specializes in Hikaken and Hakkyoken. Kikaken also know as Piguapuan involves the user training their arms like whips and using chopping motions to take down opponents. While Hakkyoken gives Hermit his power in his kicks and legs. Hermit is a Dou-Tyoe fighter so he will get extra pumped for fights and becomes more intense as a fight drags on. Shown during his fight with Berserker, Hermit is considered to be an extremely quick minded tactician and a very well rounded fighter. Hermit has on occasion defeated opponents who were expected to dominate him in their fights, specifically Berserker and Chou Enshin. Hermit is considered and Expert Level fighter and beyond that has other talents. Hermit joined the Drama club to learn acting, gets top grades and tutors others while maintaining his martial arts and splitting his time between the Shinpaku Alliance and YOMI.


  • Chouchukikoku Uryuu Banda - A Chinese Kenpo version of Kenichi's Strongest Combo where Hermit uses a direct palm strike to the enemies front followed by pulling the enemies arm downwards to strike at the opponents body then followed by an upward palm strike under the chin seemingly followed by Kyousa, and then Uryuu Banda.
  • Geki Tou Chou Chuu - Hermit strikes the side vital point with an elbow strike.
  • Kyousa - One of Sougetsu Ma's ultimate moves that he taught to Hermit. Hermit first hits the opponent with 2 weaker attacks in order to soften them up and then launches the 3rd primary attack against the enemies stomach in order to augment the damge of the previous attacks turing the first 2 attacks into serious damage.
  • Uryuu Banda - Hermit strikes the opponent with an open palm towards the ground with great force. This move was enough to dent the top of a city bus and works best against a downed opponent.
  • Sei Shin Kou - Hermit grabs his opponents waist and then slams his own waist into his opponent, he then places his free hand above his head to act as a defense to counters.
  • Senpuu Hirai Seki Kouu Kouu - Hermit starts by attacking the front of the body and then quickly spinning around to the back to attack the opponents back of the head.
  • Ten Zan Kou - Hermit brings his foot level with his opponent and then quickly sidesteps them in order to launch a series of elbow strikes against vital points on the opponents back.

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