Hermes Costello

    Character » Hermes Costello appears in 77 issues.

    One of the main protagonists and ally of Jolyne Cujoh in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part Six: Stone Ocean.

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    Personal History

    Around the age of seventeen, Hermes (or Ermes) was the target of a gangster, Sports Maxx. Hermes older sister gave up her life in order to save Hermes. However upon his arrest, Sports Maxx was tried for tax evasion and sent to jail. Vowing revenge for her sister's death, Hermes purposely committed crimes in order to track down Maxx.

    Some years later she was transferred to Green Dolphin street prison in Florida where she met Jolyne Cujoh. Jolyne confided her innocence and in turn Hermes gave her tips on how to survive prison life, Jolyne also saved Hermes from a beating by the guards, cementing their bond.

    Physical Traits

    Hermes is a Mexican American woman in her early twenties with a slightly above average build for a female. Her black hair is styled into locks, she often wears a green sleeveless top and black pants.

    Powers and abilities

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    Hermes draws her power Stand, Kiss. Kiss is a melee focused Stand, with tremendous strength and speed, rivaling that of Jolyne's Stand, Stone Free. It also the has the unique power of duplication. Whatever Hemes places her special stickers on, produces a exact copy of the person or object. Once the sticker is removed, the fusion of the copy to the original is very violent causing great harm.


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