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Born in 1938, Hermann's childhood was marked by WWII and the early need to earn a living on his own. He tried various professions before he was 17, then he went to Canada. He had studied Fine Arts at Belgium but he didn't get into comic books after his marriage. His wife's brother, Philippe Vandooren, will be the director of Dupuis. Back then he had a magazine in wich Hermann published his first story. Greg notices him and together they start "Bernard Prince" and "Comanche". In 1979 he starts his first "solo" volume, Jeremiah, wich he continues publishing today. He is known to be a hard-working, demanding writer constantly attempting new things. He makes a middle-age comic ("Tours de Bois-Maury") and an historical one, "Sarajevo-Tango" that earns him a Oesterheld award. Among his works: "Caatinga", about Brazil in the 30's; "Lune de guerre", written by Van Hamme, and a trilogy written with his son, Yves: "Liens de sang", "Manhattan Beach 1957" and "The Girl from Ipanema".

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