Character » Hericane appears in 31 issues.

    Hericane gained her powers from a combination of a TNT explosion and oral sex.

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    Emily Feldman was a sex starved and sex obsessed young woman. Her father owned and ran a TV station. A local superhero with a gamut of powers similar to those of Superman, Captain Adventure, was guest starring in a TV show.

    Captain Adventure is encased in a block of ice, something that his "burning ring of power" has a weakness to, so he can't free himself. All around him are TNT bombs. They're supposed to be fake due to the show, but Emily's father cuts corners and buys real high explosive as this is a cheaper option.

    Emily dresses as a cheerleader and takes the place of the Doberman which was originally going to save the Captain.

    Using a convenient blowtorch Emily starts to burn a hole in the ice to free Captain Adventure. But she stops, after making a hole big enough for her to get at his groin. Right on cue, she gives him oral pleasure in front of the TV audience and while a live death trap is still activated. The trapped Captain Adventure is seduced by the young woman and ejaculates in her mouth at the same time as the TNT explodes.

    The combination of the blast from the TNT and the power irradiated semen of Captain Adventure confers super powers identical to the Captain's on Emily, who takes the name Hericane and becomes a super-powerful crimefighter and sex vixen.


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