Why has Hercules never been a king?

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In myth, the standard reward for Greek heroes was to become a king for a city-state. Theseus, Cadmus, Perseus, Odysseus, Jason and many others were all kings at one point in their lives. Why do you think Hercules never became a king? For that matter, why even in the possible future of the 23rd century does Hercules still reject kingship? Isn't that what every hero from Herc's culture wants?

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I think Hercules never wanted to be King.

Hercules was and is a hero, a fighter, a lover and an adventurer who seeks (craves) excitement. The day-to-day obligations and responsibilities of ruling a city, a state, a realm or anything else would no doubt seriously curtail and possibly even put an end to Hercules' pursuit of the things he likes best in life (adventure, battle, women and drink).

When Hercules finds out Athena means for him be the leader of the God Squad during the Secret Invasion story-arc in "Incredible Hercules" he becomes angered because he has never been the leader. He's never been the responsible one; the one everyone is counting on to make sound decisions. He's always been the brawler; the roustabout. Being 'The King' would mean being the the ultimate leader for a lot of people. The one person everyone looks to for guidance when the chips are down. Hercules isn't all that comfortable in that role in small groups so it's logical to assume he wouldn't want to play that role on a large scale.

Being a king holds no appeal for Hercules. He knows he is ill-suited for it.

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