The most powerful attack Hercules has tanked?

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Anyone knows? I am interested, to see how far his godlike durability has been tested thus far.

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The greatest test of Hercules godlike durability was when he fought the Masters of Evil's Heavy hitters (Goliath, Tiger Shark, Mr. Hyde, the Wrecker, Piledriver, Thunderball and Bulldozer) while severely intoxicated. Hercules was actually holding his own despite his intoxication but then Goliath (Erik Jostens) grabbed him from behind and mercilessly smashed around until he lost consciousness and then the other heavy hitters all jumped on Hercules, beating him into a coma.

In this case Hercules was beaten first into unconsciousness and then into a coma maybe to the point of possible death. It was soon revealed that Hercules also sustained some brain damage from this beating. All the healers of Olympus tried but had little luck bring Hercules out of his coma until Herc's friend from ancient times, Prometheus (an Olympian Titan), brought him out of it by expending some of his own immortal life-force. Even though Hercules was then revived from his coma it still took some time before his brain damage was fully healed, most likely around the time of the Evolutionary War when he returned to Earth to aid the Avengers and was subsequently evolved "beyond godhood."

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How would you say that compared to his death at the hands of Korvac? From what I've heard, back when Korvac had the power of a skyfather or greater he murdered a group of Avengers. Whereas everyone else took one shot Hercules took two. Would you say this was a better durability feat or lesser?

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Considering Korvac's power level at that time and the fact that he did kill every Avenger except for Thor with one blast, I would say Hercules requiring two blasts is an impressive example of his durability.

It's hard to compare his beating at the hands of the Masters of Evil and his death at the hands of Korvac, though. His battle and beating at the hands of the Masters takes place over the course of many pages and panels while it took Korvac merely two panels to dispatch Hercules. Understated though it may be, Hercules' death by two blasts might be the more impressive feat when his power level is taken into account.

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