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This Is What Chaos War Lacked...


Applicable and enticing.  Great color selection and I like the background choice as it gives you an idea of what this series has in store for Herc.

The Good:

The art is astounding and the story is equally amazing; as many other reviewers have pointed out, the great depiction of all the weapons Hercules has with him and the way that he uses them is quite a fun read.  I enjoy the pacing, too, and it does lay a very strong (no pun intended) foundation for future things to come.  This is also a very refreshing read after that mess that was Chaos War- though that was obviously important as it returned very many people from the dead and allowed for other writers to tell new stories such as this one.  Since I am also a big fan of the villain, it was a nice treat to see this new version drawn by someone else, and I'd love to see how that fight pans out.  If I wasn't so delved into so many ongoings right now, I would add this title to my pull list.  Thankfully my buddie's wallet was light and he picked it up and let me borrow it!

The Bad:

The real big thing that bothered me about this issue (keep in mind that all I've read of Herc is Chaos War) is how fast he ended up in bed with his coworker.  I don't know if that's his character, but it made me really take a step back and ponder whether that scene was really that important to the story.  It wasn't; unless I'm missing something that maybe someone else could explain to me, that served no purpose: it didn't really help develop character, etc.  Maybe it was just letting new readers like me know how much of a player Herc is, and the thing is, I'm not really a big fan of that.  For someone that is as heroic as he is, it just kind of rubs me the wrong way.  I know that he is based on the might Hercules from Greek mythology, but it still kind of bothers me; maybe I'll get over it.  


It is overall a terrific issue.  Apart from my little small dilemma with a few panels (and they really are a minor thing), it was almost the perfect issue.  I might have to start looking at alleviating some of my pull list, and if these issues continue to keep this sort of momentum, I might have to fully jump on board and not bum these off friends in the future.


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