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    Character » Herbert Popnecker appears in 57 issues.

    Herbie Popneker is one of the most powerful heroes in history gaining his power from his lollipops.

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    Herbie is a fat little boy with seemingly little real world talent. If it were up to him, he'd probably stay inside all day and sit in a chair by the wall while eating lollipops.


    Written by Richard Hughes (under the pseudonym of Shane O'Shea) and drawn by Ogden Whitney in 1958.

    Major Story Arcs

    A Quiet Saturday

    Unaware of Herbie’s gifts, and spurred by a motivational speaker about the need to foster boys of action, Herbie’s father Pincus pushes his son outside to experience life. Herbie plods along and kids mock him. Taking no notice, Herbie heads to the County Zoo. He sees a tiger getting angry with a man sweeping and Herbie asks the tiger what the big deal is. The broom keeps poking the tiger and he reckons that he’ll bust through the broken lock and give the cleaner what-for. Herbie stops the tiger, however, by grabbing his tail and putting him back in his cage. The tiger is embarrassed and Herbie plods away.

    At the post office Herbie hears of a senator that has gone missing. Herbie tries to tell multiple adults where they can find the senator but he is constantly shooed away. Nonplussed, Herbie walks off a dock and begins a lackadaisical flight to the senator’s downed plane. He finds the senator and informs him about some rockets and then disappears. The senator tries to tell the story of the fat, invisible, flying kid but no one believes him.

    Later that day, Herbie happens upon an alien spaceship. He hears the aliens talking of world domination and decides to confront them. He is taken about their ship and the aliens boast of their delta ray guns that can disintegrate anything. To prove their point they disintegrate Herbie’s lollipop. This angers him and uses another gun to disintegrate the alien. He learns that he’s gone too far when he realizes that he’s disintegrated the entire ship. Unfazed, he plods home to dinner. His father can’t believe Herbie’s been gone so long and demands to know what has been going on. Herbie just calls his day quiet for a Saturday.

    General Information

    Pincus Popnecker is a business man and financial failure and it is up to Herbie to bail him out of his failed schemes time and time again which Pincus takes credit for. Herbie speaks very little and is very unemotional (unless his lollipops are threatened). Despite his rotund form, or perhaps because of it, women tend to swoon over Herbie. He is also consulted by world leaders and is said to be more powerful than The Devil himself.

    After Herbie failed Super School, he created a costume and the name Fat Fury. His father wished that Herbie, who he called a fat nothing, could be like the Fat Fury who is one of the greatest heroes in history.


    Most of Herbie's powers came from his lollipops. He would often "bop" his opponents on the head with a lollipop which would defeat any foe instantly or he would subdue them with rapid punches. He had super strength and the ability to beat opponents with his Hypnotic eyes. Herbie was seemingly invulnerable to all harm, usually never even noticing that anyone was attacking him. His sole vulnerable spot is his backside, which has been hurt by animal bites, pins, spankings from his father, and numerous prat falls. Herbie could fly by walking on air. He could also walk underwater and in space. Herbie could also travel though time and turn invisible. Herbie can also talk to animals and they know Herbie by name. Herbie also possessed the power to enter the spirit world. Herbie was also famous throughout history and could rely on the help of others if need be.

    Other Fun Facts

    • Herbie was stated in an interview with Alan Moore as Moore's favorite Superhero.

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