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Bringing Charlie to Fenris, Abonsam and Bet have completed their most important task in furthering The Wolf's plan and so what do they do but prepare for what's to come, through self-inflicted wounds and sex. As for Fenris, he counsels Charlie, trains him, deceives him until he is ready to bring the three enemies of all life to The World Tree in exchange for his family, and perhaps due to his own madness or perhaps some other reason, Charlie agrees and becomes their chariot.

Now having arrived safely to Yggdrasil, the three set about their work, The Wolf whispering to Charlie Gilmour, doing his best to convince the madman to slay his wife and son and let their blood be drawn in by the roots of Yggdrasil, so that creation might end, for the slaying of kin is Fyrir Haft, the first and worst of all sins. However, Abonsam draws the attention of Fenris to Yahweh's Children who have also just come to Yggdrasil, the hard way of course. The Wolf and The Trickster than go off to deal with Lucifer, causing more destruction by fooling Elaine into giving Lucifer Abonsam's tainted blood to drink and revive him. The blood is actually that of Fenris however and messes with the Morningstar's mind making him think he is Fenris and as such leading him to battle his brother. Bet Jo'gie is trying to still convince Charlie whilst all this is happening but he comes to his senses and slays her. However, The Wolf's plan is not in ruins for Lucifer ends up slaying Michael, his brother and the tree is healthily watered resulting in all his plans bearing fruit, although the task does leave him as the only one left and so the team ceases to exist although its goals live on through Fenris.

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