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    Boy who helped out Tim and company...just before he blew up.

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    Henry Lywood was created by writer and artist Peter Gross in The Books of Magic issue 64, in 1999.

    Major Story Arcs

    Henry is one of several lost souls wandering the faerie realms during the reality storms caused by Tim Hunter's Other destroying many realities.

    Henry is originally from Saskatchewan. He built his rocket pack and died in a crash. Then he appeared in a mysterious magic realm that seems like the realm of the dead, where he met Tim Hunter (in his glamour-disguise as Mary), Joh, Julie the Dancing Bear, Rosehip, and Brother Hugh.

    They wander around, trying to find a way out. Unfortunately, Henry eats a berry before he is told not to.

    They come to a gulf between two cliffs. They can't get across, so Henry flies a rope across. He crashes on the other side and explodes, and thus dies again. He did get the rope across, however, saving the rest of the group.

    His ghost visits Tim/Mary before Tim crosses the rope and explains that he accepts his death, and is happy that he did some good for the others.


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