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    Henry Bendix was the head of Stormwatch. After switching places with an alternate version of himself, he came back and became an enemy of The Authority. In the DCU he has debuted as the president of Gamorra.

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    Henry Bendix was born and raised in Maladyville, Mississippi. He father was an alcoholic and would often abuse son and his girlfriends. There is some belief he may have caused the deaths of more than one. Despite his age, Henry was very much of a genius. He was still a child when he thought of the human enhancements he would later use on his super agents such as the Midnighter and even contacted other dimensions. Henry kept a diary and it revealed that a group of spider aliens called Weavers visited Henry showing him he would become a villain, but if things will be changed he could be a hero. Henry first attempted this when he found his father about to harm his current girlfriend Delia. He used an energy weapon he had built himself to kill his father saving Delia.

    Later in life Bendix would design implants that would allow him to control the “Think Tank” - a weapon vehicle which he used to gain a spot on the anti- Daemonite Team One. However, after their first mission the team disbanded. After disbanding of the team Henry began to work for the government as an individual and at some point he met and fell in love with Rose Tattoo, who even left the Changers for him. Bendix would also become interested in the planet's past and contacted the Four and the Bleed. Bendix would later work with the U.N. to form the SPB team Stormwatch and was placed as its leader - the Weatherman. He was implanted with devices that allowed him to control the Skywatch and its systems. Bendix would often switch between Jackson King and Christine Trelane as leaders. However, this changed and Bendix would soon take a harsher, more strict role in his position.



    As Weatherman One, he is the controller of Stormwatch, the United Nations special crisis intervention team. He is the World's Policeman.

    After Fire From Heaven Bendix fired many of the members, split the team up into sub groups and even recruited Jack Hawksmoor , Jenny Sparks and Rose Tattoo. He would punish America and Kaizen Gamorra for their actions against him and peace and even formed a secret team of Stormwatch members. The team consisted of Apollo, Midnighter, Lamplight, Crow Jane, Amaze, Impetus and Stalker . He abandoned them when their first mission was a failure.

    At some point it was said that he was approached by an alternate version of himself due to the fact that Bendix's are rare and in the search for anothers. The alternate would go on to lead Stormwatch, but after causing the deaths of the Changers he was killed by Jenny Sparks by electrocuting.

    The Authority

    The original Henry would travel the Bleed for some time returning after the Authority had taken over America. Bendix decided to break the team up and remove them from their place of power. Bendix's plan began when he tricked Midnighter into leaving the team by making him believe a future version of Apollo had come warning him that he would become a evil dictator. He also tricked a group of former American superheroes called Paul Revere and the Sons of Liberty. They battled the Authority and caused so much damage that the team broke up.

    Years later Bendix had caused the death of Jeroen Thornedike ( The Doctor) and imprisoned his successor, however, Jenny Quantum freed the new Doctor and rebuilt the team. Bendix, with Rose and a group of aliens called the Evolutionaries attacked the Carrier having brainwashed Midnighter to battle the team. Midnighter was able to defeat the team, but Jenny and Engineer freed him and he killed Bendix afterwards by ripping his skull and vertebral column out.

    Authority Prime

    It was recently revealed that Bendix had fathered a son, William. He was raised by his callgirl mother who was paid by Bendix to take care of William alone. Jackson King needed him since many of Bendix’s systems and implants were designed to work for him and since William is his son and his spitting image he was recruited under the name Weatherman. William had been working hard to uncover some of his father’s more secret file and in doing so found the location of a secret bunker used by Bendix to produce many of his superheroes.

    But as Stormwatch heads to Nevada to find the bunker the Authority arrives also claiming it and a fight begins. However, Bendix programmed the bunker with an A.I. version of himself that released an army of zombie cloned members of his secret Stormwatch team. He was even able to get Rose Tattoo to rejoin him and produced a new body made with the powers of everyone in close proximity. William arrives and convinces Rose to kill his father but it caused destruction of the bunker. Neither team found William, but later it was revealed that Henry had imprinted himself on his son’s younger and stronger body surviving the destruction.

    The Wild Storm

    With the relaunch of the Wildstorm Comic Imprint, Bendix was soon reinvented for the latest comic book publishing. He's now the director and weatherman of Stormwatch, a sort of breakaway civilization looking to expand and colonize the rest of the planetary solar system outside of Earth. His organization and that of I.O director Miles Craven have a rather tenuous non-aggression pact with one another, that being Skywatch station and it's occupants own the whole of space and beyond while International Operations claims the whole of the world and it's ruling bodies.

    Both vast power brokering extents have been secretly working behind each other's backs for years, altering the coarse of human history through invasive genetic and eugenic experimentation. Stormwatch utilizing their vast resources in order to create a second class race capable of surviving in a post-extinction level era global habitat in the wake of apocalyptic calamity.

    Creating many post-humans whom were regular people that Bendix had abducted planet side, where his people would use to conduct their extensive metahuman research on then release back into the wild for the programs own safety. This tumultuous treaty was soon disrupted entirely when one of I.O.'s research engineers, Angela Spica went and brandished a nanobionic chassis she'd designed to save an Internal Operations wetwork specialists intended target; Jacob Marlowe. A robotic suit which used Skywatch technology secretly stolen under Craven's authorization.

    Enemies with Superboy

    After Superboy saved refugees from Gamorra, Henry went after him and his family, sending superhuman, manipulated kids after them. Jon later realized that this was Henry's doing and came to have a talk with him.

    Personal Information


    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair: Bald


    • Occupations: President of Gamorra, military scientist
    • Citizenship: American and Gamorrean

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