Henry Allen

    Character » Henry Allen appears in 6 issues.

    A scientist from the 19th century and discoverer of the Wonderland portal, funded by Charles Dodgson. He is father to the Suicide King and husband to the Red Queen.

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     Henry Allen was a scientist from the mid 19th century. On July 4th 1864, while living in Hampshire, England and performing experiments for Charles Dodgson, he had an accident in his basement laboratory. That accident lead him to the discovery of the portal to Wonderland.  
    He abandoned the rest of his experiments and turned his attentions turned to the portal from then on. Further experiments with it lead to the inadvertent creation of the White Rabbit and then Cheshire Cat. In attempting to conceal the portal from discovery, he placed a mirror before it and unintentionally created the mirror to Wonderland
    Tired of the lack of results from Allen, his backer  Mr.Dodgson, threatened to full his funding from Allen's research. Though suspicious of his employer's motives, Allen divulged his findings on the portal. This news pleased Dodgson, who encouraged the scientist to continue, and Allen was able to go on with his work. 
    One day, while some family friends were over with their daughters Julia and Bethany, he dozed off in the parlor of his home. While away from his lab both the young girls and then his son William separately and accidentally traveled through the looking glass. This he realized too late. Distraught, he traveled through the looking glass himself. 
    In Wonderland he came across the girls, new transformed into the Queen of Hearts (though he does not realize this). The Queen directed him into the castle, having mistaken him for one of the King's play things. In the throne room within Henry discovered his son, already transformed into the Suicide King. He watched as his son compulsively mutilated himself only to heal seconds later. The Jabberwocky then discovered Henry and commanded him to bring more beings to Wonderland, before casting him back out to his basement in England.  
    Though madness began creeping over him, he remained clear headed enough to form a plan to destroy the portal and prevent any further harm that realm might do. In the intervening weeks the family of Julia and Bethany as well as Elizabeth, Henry's wife, grew distraught at the disappearance of their children. They accused Henry, as the only real suspect. 
    On the night he plans detonate an explosion that will destroy the portal while he remains with his son on the other side, an angry mob appears at his door. They store his laboratory and murder him before he can carry out either aspect of his plan. 


    Hometown:  Faversham, Kent, England 
    Height:  5'9" 
    Weight:  158
    Hair: brown 
    Eyes: blue 
    Relatives: Elizabeth Allen (wife), William Allen (son)

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