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    An enemy of the Agents of Atlas, and former comrade of Wolverine.

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    In 1958, Hendricks led an ill-fated mission into the jungles of Cuba where his entire team were slaughtered by a group of structurally altered bugs created by the Yellow Claw known as the Mindbugs. Hendricks was left alive and became a host body for one of the bugs, his will no longer his own.


    Hendricks was created by Jeff Parker and Benton Jew.

    Character Evolution

    Hendricks hasn't appeared outside of Agents of Atlas and is currently dead.

    Major Story Arcs

    Agents of Atlas

    The Agents of Atlas (Jimmy Woo, Gorilla-Man, M-11, Marvel Boy and Venus) were sent to the jungles of Cuba to investigate a weapon being developed by the Yellow Claw - the Mindbugs. They encountered Wolverine, who was in the area searching for his friend Hendricks. After saving Jimmy Woo from one of the Mindbugs, Wolverine joined forces with the misfit heroes and they searched the jungles for the mysterious bugs.

    They eventually found Hendricks, who attempted to trick them into surrendering their wills to the Mindbugs as Atlas and Wolverine fought against an onslaught of the monsters. In the midst of it all, Hendricks attempted to shoot Jimmy Woo only to be stopped by M-11. When Marvel Boy revealed the effects of the Mindbugs were irreversible, Wolverine killed his friend out of mercy as M-11 incinerated the attacking hordes. Believing the threat over, Atlas and Wolverine parted ways, unbeknownst to them that several Cuban revolutionaries had already been made slaves to the Mindbugs.

    Powers and Abilities

    Hendricks has no superhuman powers or abilities, although has military training. While under the control of a Mindbug, his reflex and response speed is slightly delayed.


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