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Helmut was one of many patients of the Prospero clinic. He was advanced enough in his Sentinel systems to fully transform into a Prime Sentinel when the X-Men made their way to the camp of the patients. As he began to use other inmates of the camp as human shields while fighting the X-Men, Wolverine and Cyclops saw no other way but to terminate him.


Employed nanomorphic molecular tissue to shift between normal human and Sentinel hunter modes, gaining enhanced strength, reflexes, durability, expansive force fields, regenerative powers capable of sustaining both organic and technological components, multiple scanning modes (thermal, x-ray, bio-kinetic, sonic, sub-visual, mutagenic signatures), plasma blasts, laser light beams, annihilation beam, bio-blasts keyed to the specific genetic structure of a given target, electronic cloaking measures, and boot rockets for flight          
Status: destroyed 

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