Character » Helmut appears in 11 issues.

    Most of Helmut's powers come from his armor which has a weakness to sonics. He has demonstrated profound digging skills so he may have super powers of his own.

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    Enemy of John Lynch, Helmut had a grudge against the old agent because he was the one who trapped a more powerful Helmut and send to prision for years. Eventually he was free again and started a job as gun for hire. Tempting to search revenge against Lynch by the manipulations of the daemonite Lord Defile, Helmut went after him in La Jolla but he found him with the kids of Gen13, who defeated him and send him to prision.

    He was freed by Mr. Luv to help him in abduct the Gen 13 girls, which this time he could do without problems. He deliver the ladies to Mr. Luv before go to unknowns

    Another Helmut, calling himself King Helmut the third claiming himself of royal descendance appeared in New Dynamix. At difference of the original Helmut, this characters was a weak skinny guy with no own powers and totally dependent of his suit. The relationship with the previous Helmut is unknown.


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